8 03 2011

1. The Kindle version of Forsaken Shores is now available. $10, and readable on PCs, iPhones, Blackberrys, and yes, Kindles. Print versions are still available for $16, and a donation version of the bonus story only is available if you lack the tech for a Kindle copy. (Note I don’t use DRM on my Kindle books, so provided you can read the format, you can safely back it up or put it on multiple devices all you like.)

2. I’m changing the update schedule to Mondays and Thursdays. (Was: Weds/Sun) My website traffic analysis indicates more people visit on weekdays than weekends, and are more likely to comment on weekdays as well. Plus, since I’m trying to post on midnight of the update day, I’m much more likely to have time to write on the proceeding Sun/Weds night and have something ready for you right away. (Still not a promise; I can post right up to 11:59pm and call it a daily update.) This’ll start this Thursday, with the start of sa09 heroines.

Feedback still welcome in the sa08 thread below this one!




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