forsaken shores now available!

4 03 2011

You can now buy the print edition of Anachronauts: Forsaken Shores!

The print edition includes a bonus story which involves Emily peering through her daughter’s future timeline, and includes a few surprises that will directly relate to Stars Fall. Like the bonus chapter for First Age, it’s great world-building stuff that you don’t want to miss!

If you can’t get the book shipped to you, or are so impoverished you’re eating toothpaste sandwiches, you can also directly donate $10 by PayPal and get the bonus chapter alone. And starting Monday or Tuesday, it’ll also be available for $10 in the Kindle store — readable on PC, iPhones, and yep, Kindles. (There’s a slight delay due to different approval processes for print vs. digital.)

Thank you for supporting my writing, and I hope you enjoy the book! We’ve got more books coming, and this Sunday, drop by to read the thrilling conclusion of sa08 futurists!



7 responses

5 03 2011

\o/ Book ordered!
It’ll be a pleasure, as I haven’t had time to read as you’ve written it. :D

5 03 2011

I would be singing and skipping madly about the room, except this room is so small, I’d be skipping in place and that really needs a rope and I didn’t bring a rope.
Which should silence those reports about what Brav– on second thought, forget I mentioned it.
*whistles as she waits by the mailbox*

5 03 2011

Book ordered. Looking forward to lf06.

5 03 2011

Ordered! Looking forward to it ^_^

6 03 2011

Commerce has been transacted
I look forward to receiving and reading, and then treasuring my copy next to the First Age volume. ^_^

6 03 2011

Money has been given. Book shall be received and enjoyed.

6 03 2011
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

This is as it should be!

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