sa08 changes gears from third straight to fifth and the engine leaps out of the hood in an ugly fash

27 02 2011

Hey, remember when From Dusk Till Dawn suddenly changed from a crime thriller to a vampire comedy?

I actually didn’t have the idea for the cliffhanger / interstitial scene until the moment I wrote it. But now, its use is apparent; it slides us into the more danger-packed, intrigue based section of the story. I am worried it all hits a bit suddenly, but hopefully I took that into account and made it feel real in its suddenness.

One retcon to note — Yew brings her l’il Audrey with her to Vegas. It’s a minor point, but I needed it for what follows. I’ve hotlinked to the three spots in the text where I retconned in our favorite adorable sapient little floral horror.

Enjoy, and your reactions and feedback are welcome. I’ll have more for you on Tuesday.




5 responses

27 02 2011

Woo Emily and Scout!
There’s a typo: ahve, I think it was.
The sudden transition works, especially with the pause there.

28 02 2011

Hee, love it, though we’ve still got Kas’s death (or possibly “death”) hanging over our heads yet.
BTW, a space elevator probably wouldn’t be viable here: you need to build those close to the equator, and currently that’s occupied by krakens. Besides, space elevators need to be built from the top down, generally. A possibly better idea would be a Launch Loop or Space Fountain, both of which can be built over an unoccupied stretch of land in WestUSA. The fountain would probably be better in this instance, as it doesn’t require such a huge stretch of land, and is in some ways easier to construct and possibly take down.
Similarly, while the Moon makes for a nice stopgap measure, the Orbitals would probably be better served longer-term by building an orbital ring around the planet, and eventually an orbital ring closer to the sun. You could harness some serious juice by harvesting most of the asteroid belt and building an orbital ring around, say, Mercury’s orbit, and beaming the power back via concentrated microwaves. That’s more of a generational plan, though. :)
Shorter term: Heh, wonder how Esrever and Anu will react to the notion of being landlords for a… what would you call a group of Orbitals? A Valence? :)

28 02 2011
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Neat stuff. :D I love having sciency types reading this.
While she mentions an elevator, they’ll be bypassing the need to launch materials altogether, which you’ll see in the next update. And I think you’ve figured out partly how they’re gonna do that…
An orbital ring would definitely be the long term goal. Perhaps around the time of a00. (What’s that, dear readers? You don’t know what a00 is? Now’s a great time to find out!)

1 03 2011

Are you planning on releasing a boxed set at the end? :)
Er, can you even make those through self-publishing?

1 03 2011
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

I don’t think I can make a box set. Closest I can get is to order all the books myself, put them in a box, and send it to you (probably autographed and with some doodad). If I do that, it will cost quite a bit, though (to make up for double-shipping), and be limited edition.

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