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23 02 2011

Wake up! Time for SCIENCE!

Wasn’t sure if I could squeak this out for a midnight posting or not, but I managed to do so — by chopping one large scene in half. In the worst possible way. You’ll know it when you see it.

Midnight updates are not the norm. I LIKE to do them, IE post at the very first second of “Wednesday,” but honestly I reserve right to post at any point during a Wednesday and still call it the Wednesday updated. You never know how things are going to turn out and having 24 hours of padding helps.

Thanks for the feedback in the last post. It’s helping me shape what exactly I’ll be doing with Kas, Yew, and Tillman… seeing my characters through other people’s eyes helps me see them more clearly, myself. For this story, I’m KINDA improvising everything you see… I knew the nuts and bolts of how they recycle Mass Capacitors, but that’s all I knew. The actual character arcs are growing organically. Like fungus. Mmmm. Fungus.

In non-story related news, I’ve been building a media server, using a crazy combo of DVD Decrypter, Handbrake, iPhone-compatible encoding, and PS3 Media Server. If you’ve been following my Twitter you’ve seen the ups and downs; It’s largely up now, and I’ve been encoding best-of collections of my favorite TV shows and the like. Although it’s a pain to spend 40 minutes ripping and encoding when I only want one episode off a disc, so I doubt I’ll be doing my 50+ disc Deep Space Nine collection anytime soon. Ouchie.

In fact, now that the story’s up, I’mma go watch me some Red Dwarf. (I decided not to rip anything past season five. For reasons that are obvious to any Red Dwarf fan.) Enjoy the story and let me know what you think! Please don’t kill me for where I stopped writing.



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23 02 2011

Waaagh cliffhanger!! Short martyred life?! Wagh!
Sorry I have no detailed commentary to offer — reading over baby on iPad, tough to type. I liked Tilman’s “technique” to attitude-adjust Yew. And the mystical difference between traditional mass capacitors and the new electrical ones is Neat. nice update.

23 02 2011

Oh, Kas. ;_;
Thanks for making Tillman mortal, so to speak. I think I like him a lot more now. (Whether or not I keep liking him depends on what happens next, but still.)

23 02 2011

There are episodes you should watch from Season VI onward, at least. “Gunmen of the Apocalypse”, “Stoke Me a Clipper”, “Ouroboros”, and the whole “Back to Earth” series come to mind.

23 02 2011

Hah! The fart scene was wonderfully funny and wise.

23 02 2011

Well, I’ll be jumping at the next update as soon as it’s available!

23 02 2011

That… release of byproduct of internal digestion was a very good find.
Quick scientific note: Gigawatts in “1.21 gigawatts” is incorrectly used. A Watt is an unit of energy conversion (consumption or production), e.g “that nuclear power plant has a power output of 1 gigawatt”.
What you should have used is Joule instead (as a matter of fact, if we only look at the unit, Watt is [Joule / Seconds] ) . Wikipedia article about lightning also gives an estimated amount of energy contained in a single bolt: 500 megajoules.
[/hypergeek mode]
As for what happened 10 minutes after… I really wonder what it is. Can’t wait to discover what happened !

24 02 2011
24 02 2011

At least you didn’t use a “j” :)

24 02 2011

How could I forget such a classic ? Shame on me °^-^

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