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12 02 2011

Only two scenes, but I’m guessing they’ll leave some of you screaming and clawing at your eyes.

I wanted to write more for this update, but I’ve been wrestling my shiny new computer down to the ground and making it do my bidding. (Hawt.) It’s an Intel i7 quad core 64 bit 2.9 GHZ with 8 gigs and a GeForce GTX 580 and a solid state boot drive. So far? It’s doing great — I’m able to play games at 60fps with all the trimmings, where before I was lucky to get 16fps with some of the trimmings.

Things are interesting, behind the scenes. I’m looking into self-publishing communities, getting tips and tricks and things. Part of me is hesitant to do so; the amount of research and legwork and potentially contract-detangling involved is kind of crazy. I just love to write, and wish I could just WRITE and not be my own manager/agent, but… I would like to grow the readership, and doing that is a sticky wicket. Of course, you can do your part, but I’m looking into other options as well.

sa08 in progress. Forsaken Shores book in the works. Share and enjoy and let me know what you think. Thanks for your ongoing support!




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13 02 2011

How much did that computer run you? Did you build it yourself off of tiger direct or newegg or what have you? I’m looking into getting a new desktop for myself soon, so… yeah.

13 02 2011
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

There’s a local mom and pop computer shop I’ve been using since the 286 days. I got it all put together for like 2.4k, I think. It also has a beefy power supply and a really nice case.
I don’t know enough about hardware to put something together myself from parts. It probably would’ve been cheaper if I had, but this way, I have a warranty and a local shop that can service it if it explodes.

13 02 2011

Mmm… computer.
I’ve gotten fired from places like that. Never did like Kool-ade. Ithink it’s quite good, and I like the way Pragmatists figh– er, I mean, discuss.

14 02 2011

— Okay yes, that daily schedule is horrifying. And quite realistic enough to be believed, unfortunately.
— #103D, #103F — what happened to E? ZONOES
— Oh god, I’m expecting Pon to launch into the “Pieces of Flair” speech. “You do WANT to express yourself, don’t-cha?”
— “The allocated work phase is a structure that has proven its value for generations” — they’ve been doing this for generations? OHgawd. Then again, I guess they had to keep their population busy when not actively strip-mining, eh? I get the sense that she’s argued against the inane non-work schedule before and lost… or realizes it would be futile against the force of History, and so hasn’t tried.
— “Tension is bad, m’kay? Yeah.” — *CRINGE* Well-written scene, 2f. :)
— Ooh, I bet the potted flower is one of the perfect flowers Susie makes every day! Lessthanthree!!
— “smug self satisfaction” — hyphenate self-satisfaction
— “put in your best hat” — put on
I like how Yew logic’d her into going. And actually she’s right; who knows, they might learn something.

14 02 2011

Earlier post did not show up…hmm…
I like the characters so far; they complement each other in a way that will reveal more about each of them.
Nice schedule! Good for keeping busy without actually accomplishing a whole lot. While I do think building a team atmosphere in the work place can be helpful, this is not the helpful kind. It reminds me also of high school pep rallies. I had no school spirit.
Ah. the mug.
I wonder is Pon is stalling real work for for some REASON…
I like the interaction between roommates about watching magic. Perhaps KAS has become closed minded in her frustration. I suspect she will soon be motivated to make serious changes in her life.

14 02 2011

I so feel for Kas here. There are times when I wanted to say, “I am part of a team, dammit. I’m the part that likes to sit quietly, be left alone, and get actual work done.”

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