sa08 admits mistakes were made

9 02 2011

Not a good day to have white hair.

Welcome to Second Age 08. This time around, we’re exploring the Orbitals… how things have changed for them since landing on Earth, what the unmasked conspiracy means for them, where they go from here. In short, yo dawg I heard you like Orbitals so I put some Orbitals in your Orbitals so you can Orbital while you Orbital.

Also, based on our discussions in the last blog post, here’s the tentative game plan for the remainder of anachronauts…

1. Second Age 08, the Orbital story. Also: Finishing the Forsaken Shores book.
2. Preparing the London’s Fog book and bonus story.
3. Second Age 09, the Astro Gal story.
4. Preparing the Second Age book and bonus story.
5. Stars Fall. And then, the Stars Fall book.

During ‘book periods’ updates will likely be skipped, so I can write the bonus stories. I’d love to be able to provide free content to y’all at the same time I’m working behind the scenes, but I’m only one dude, and I have a day job and other hobbies. It’s not in the cards. Thanks for your patience.

Meanwhile, there is shiny, shiny sa08. What do you think so far?




12 responses

10 02 2011

D’awwww, Kas. I like her quite a lot already. Also: yay! Pragmatists!

10 02 2011
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

One of my main goals here is to show other faces of Pragmatism. Since the conspiracy to do great evil for the greater good relies on that perspective, it’s been demonized… reflected in how her fellows treat her. With this story we’ll see how it can be a force for change and strength.

10 02 2011

Being something of a pragmatical optimist myself, I approve. :)
Also, Yew sounds like Una on speed.

10 02 2011

“My people are suffering and even with our resource consumption reduced to slightly below comfort minimums our remaining supplies are dwindling; I must devote every single waking moment of my time to finding a solu–”
“Mmmm, brownies…”

10 02 2011

Nice name for Yew’s plant.
“So! I’m sure I’ve exposited to the point of detachment of your auditory canal! “: I love the way Orbitals put things!
I’m glad to be caught up for once. I like the start of this, and am excited to see where it leads. I think Yew and Kas will work well for illuminating each others characteristics.

10 02 2011

Happy to see new story again! Wai! Here are various comments…
— capitalize Earth
— domestric — domestic
— Nice to see Ono again.
— “undetected for thousands of years” — shouldn’t she ask why it’s “thousands”? Or can we assume from the leaked documents that it’s now known that this was a repeated cycle?
— “as a whole. of blame” — minus period
— Kas is very Vulcan. Nice to see a Pragmatist who _isn’t_ a conspirator. The only other we’ve seen was Una’s mom, eh?
— Yew reminds me of Ezri Dax. (in a good way)
— “latched onto that like a bottle of purified water” — uh, in this sentence, you have the bottle doing the latching. Hopefully it can make sense and still be funny!
— “exposited” line: lawl Orbitals. :D
— “reproducable” — reproducible
— “In fact, you can leave me alone for the remainder of the night” — hint, hint. Heheheh.
— seizures — teehee.
— “frivolties” — frivolities
— “pouring through” — poring, I think.

12 02 2011

I think I like both of them quite a lot already. I am glad to see sympathetic Pragmatists, since so far Lea’s been the only example.
And hey, brownies are a perfectly sensible way to win favor with one’s newly-coerced roommate. ;p

12 02 2011
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Brownies are the great social lubricant. I’m sure Mubarak would’ve been out weeks ago if someone offered him a brownie to leave.

13 02 2011

Is it just me, or does Kas seem less Pragmatist and more… Activist in her decision-making process? Heck, she could start her own new Orbital religion! :)

13 02 2011
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Much of the Orbital way of thinking is to put things into simple arrays of boxes, and leave them there. It’s a bit of a problem for them. She believes in acting and addressing immediate needs using available resources, so, she’s a Pragmatist to them.

16 02 2011

Heh, would you actually believe I meant to say Yew there?

18 04 2011

Out of curiosity, did one of the older SA stories get scrapped/merged into a previous one? Because prior to this entry there were references to SA08, which ended up linking to SA08 although it’s very clearly describing what is currently SA07 (“Children”), and one link to SA07 with an update describing SA06 (basically, the same manner). That SA07’s header page currently reads SA08 also makes me wonder.

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