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3 02 2011

I finished the bonus chapter for the retail version of Forsaken Shores last night, and it’s a beaut.

Much like the bonus chapter for First Age, it reveals background secrets, origins, and hints at things to come — this time a bit closer to home, as the expectant mother-to-be, Emily Moonthistle, peers into the future of her daughter Susan. What does she see? What comes as a complete surprise? You won’t know until you buy the book.

As before, I’ll be putting it up for sale as a paper book for the collector types, a Kindle book for the e-reader types, and an emailed donation bonus for the platform neutral types. I’ll be launching all three as simultaneously as possible, and it does take some time for the CreateSpace store to ship me my author’s proof copy for approval, so this is a ways off… keep an eye on the Twitter / Facebook page / Blog for details.

Also, I’m working on the plot for Stars Fall. While the next story in the chain is actually the final Second Age standalone, the infamous “chroming the moon” plot I’ve been pondering for months, I gotta prep for the final saga of the series. Think of it in terms of scaling threats. In First Age we had an entirely local journey and local menace. In Forsaken Shores, it was a distant threat. London’s Fog, a worldwide thread. So, Stars Fall…

But, that’s to come. Stay tuned. Regular updates resume next week; thanks for giving me some time to spend on behind-the-scenes stuff.

Lastly, I’ll have final-form versions of lf05 and lf06 up soon. Only major change from a plot perspective will be in Benny and Randall’s discussion at the end of lf06, as I talked about in my last blog post. Otherwise it’ll be one of my basic polish-up jobs, incorporating feedback and fixes.

EDIT: I got nominated for an award! The Rose & Bay awards, part of the Crowdfunded Creativity community on LiveJournal, are for online authors who “crowdfund.” Appropriate since we’re talking about the next book. If you like my stuff, feel free to vote! Thanks.



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4 02 2011

I actually bought the print edition of the first series about a month ago. Are the rest of them in print already? The store page on your site only lists the first one.

4 02 2011

Voted! Hope you win. x3

4 02 2011
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Not yet. The plan is to do books for First Age, Forsaken Shores, London’s Fog, and Stars Fall. I MIGHT do a ‘best-of’ collection of the Second Age if those sell well.
Right now, First Age is done, and Forsaken Shores is being edited and prepared for publication. I’m thinking I’ll work on London’s Fog soon after, to keep the ball rolling, instead of waiting months like I did between FA and FS.

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