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9 01 2011

To be fair, “go save the world” is kind of a vague order to give.

Did a SLEW of research to plot out London’s Fog 05. Like Ibiza and Marseilles before it, I needed locations that would suit the plot, geography that lent itself to the story I needed to tell. Where do events take place? How do the features relate to the action that will transpire? Where the heck do you hide a facility for storing a prisoner only a handful of people in the world even know exists and still have it connect to a highly public location? And so on.

In the end, I read a lot of web pages and watched a lot of YouTube videos regarding the Underground tube network, Buckingham Palace, and other places. You get to enjoy the fruits of those labors… in future updates. This one’s more about the characters trying to figure out what the hell they’re supposed to do now, and exactly what’s at stake.

Your reactions, feedback, suggestions, edits, questions, or just pictures of cats playing piano are welcome, as always.




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9 01 2011

“Gilbert fetched a piece of paper and a fountain pen from a nearby writing desk. All the rooms in the Clockwork Mermaid were lavishly furnished, after all, even the cabins. ”
Er, I think you meant Benny here. Gil might know about the academic free-thinker cabal, since he kinda-sorta is one himself, but I think it may be Benny’s line this time.
This is shaping up to be quite a chapter. Benny’s semi-redemption really brings together a lot of the character development we’ve seen in him since the start of Second Age: his growing dissatisfaction with the job and lifestyle of a demon, his almost Christ-like sacrifice for the sake of his sister–twice now!–his gradual development of some very non-demonic traits, even while insisting he is still a demon and therefore inherently evil, etc.
One thing that confuses me, though, and I hope you’ll clarify in-story, is the nature of these angels and demons that we’re seeing in the… Anachroverse, I guess you could call it. At least three explanations come to mind so far:
1) They are imports from another Earth, as opposed to “natives” from Pandora-Earth. (The most likely possibility, but then how could Benny contact “their” God via a piece of the “native” True Cross?)
2) They are “native” to Pandora-Earth, and didn’t come during the Pandora Event at all (Also possible, but only would make sense story-wise if the entity/object allowing the enslavement of Archangel Rafael came from an alternate Earth. Besides, I think Benny implied that they were imports, but he may be lying, or just plain wrong.)
3) “Angels” and “Demons” exist independently of the infinite Earths; that is, there is only one “Heaven” and one “Hell” for the entire multiverse.

9 01 2011

If I were an evil overlord and needed to hide something, I’d rent out the middle floors of skyscrapers and move things in and out via “courier” vans. Who’d notice yet another locked floor and another UPS truck in the crowd?
I wouldn’t be the first though, Visa/Mastercard already do this with their datacenters.

9 01 2011
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

The exact nature of the celestial/infernal types and the multiverse is left quite vague on purpose. Even Benny has commented, several times, that the angels were kept in the dark about the whole ‘multiple earths’ thing unless it suited the Word’s purpose to tell them.
That was one of the straws that broke the camel’s back for Benny disliking being a demon. fs05, Benny confronting The Mister:
“This isn’t our world!” Benny protested. “These aren’t our mortals to lead astray! Damn it all, where do we even FIT into this cosmology now? The angels, the devils, a single God, everything that made sense… nothing makes sense since Pandora! …except one thing. I like this world. I like making deals. I like getting people things they want. And if you kill them all off, where does that leave me? No! No, you don’t get the Key!”
I doubt the mechanics will ever be fully explained, any more than the Word’s ineffable plan will ever be fully explained. It’s up to the characters to have faith that it all makes sense to at least One above.

9 01 2011
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Oh, so like the second Matrix movie, you mean? :)
Crafty. I approve. The plot calls for an underground lair for the prison, unfortunately, or I’d do that.

10 01 2011

There’s plenty of truck traffic around the Palace side entrances.

10 01 2011

Ah yes — big difference between learning how to die and learning how to live.

11 01 2011

— british — cap that
— alongthe — spacethat
— everfaithful automanservant — I assume the “everfaithful” is deliberately non-spaced here.
— particualrly — particularly
— I like it that we’re seeing actual relationship of Gilbert and Jeeves with this conversation. I mean, we know Gilbert <3 Jeeves, but we haven't really _seeeen_ any of this.
— Shouldn’t Jesse be studying that key or at least have their possessing it mentioned again now that they know about that?
— she remembered her mission briefing — should be remembers I guess.
— This ‘Friend’ of yours — Gilbert’s assuming the Voice was Jeeves’ friend, right? And not simply a controlling force? Maybe they discussed it earlier.
— “gentleman’s gentleman” — technically a gentleman’s gentleman is a valet. Not sure Gilbert was ever that kinda servant. Maybe she means “gentleman among gentlemen” or “gentleman of gentlemen”… or maybe she’s just wrong, I mean she did grow up in a village eh? But then she spent time in the Court, soooo.
— Hmm, initially I assumed Jesse means Jeeves is the inside man. But he’s not anymore…
— “They don’t have any weaknesses,” Benny explained. — oh well GEE that’s encouraging Benny! Way to just lay it out there! XD
— “Head to London,” he instructed — better say “Benny” not “he”, since the previous actor was Gilbert. And how did Gil know to go get paper anyway?…
Nicely done section, as ever.

11 01 2011

I think maybe Benny deciding to rebel was all part of the master plan, though he didn’t know it. After all…
1) he wanted to protect Kel’ai
2) he knew the rebellion would fail but did it anyway for some reason
3) as a result he was a demon, not an angel, and so Raphael’s captor didn’t care about HIS comings and goings in England. (or didn’t know.)
4) which meant he was basically a guardian angel-in-waiting. A trick up God’s sleeve, maybe.
Now that he’s converted back he might change the scenario in new and previously impossible ways.

11 01 2011

RE: “native” True Cross, we don’t know if it’s native. Arguably all sorts of relics from all different Earths got ported across during Pandora.
Hmm, maybe there’s two Holy Grails out there, for all we know. Maybe Benny’s from a Christianity-really-happened Earth and other people are from Earths where other religions factually happened… or all of them all did.
All we really know is he made an appeal and somebody answered it here.

11 01 2011

Puzzling — what’s all this talk of trucks? To move steam tanks in and out, you mean? All they really need is a nice long pipe. It could go anywhere. (or multiple somewheres.)

12 01 2011

Well, assuming the Royals and their guests are all human beings, they still need food, drink, toilet paper, laundry powder, etc. Running a place that size requires both Stuff and Staff.

12 01 2011

Sure, of course, but so what? My question is, what does that have to do with the story? Did I miss something?

12 01 2011
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Reading Comprehension Fail
From the start of this thread:
“If I were an evil overlord and needed to hide something, I’d rent out the middle floors of skyscrapers and move things in and out via “courier” vans. Who’d notice yet another locked floor and another UPS truck in the crowd?”
Lira’s explaining that yes, lots of trucks pull up to the palace, so the same ‘trick’ could be pulled here.

12 01 2011

I get that. :P But both presuppose that there are items to move in and out. In the context of the story, not necessarily.

12 01 2011

You do raise an interesting point!
Presumably, there is not a huge mass ‘o’ piping sprouting out of center (or centre) courtyard of Buckingham Palace in the place where the fountain should be. Nothing visible that would say Ye Powre Sowrce Ytt beyth Heere.
So. How DOES the angel’s breath get removed? How does it get mixed with vaporized water to become aetheric steam? Where does this happen? And how does it get spread across bodies of water (the English Channel, the North Sea, the Irish Sea) to power an entire continent?

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