lf05 makes you an offer you can’t refuse

5 01 2011

Also: Sad, sad robot in snow.

To be honest, all I had planned out to any reasonable degree were these opening scenes for London’s Fog 05. I know how it ends, and what elements I can use to get there, but I may need to skip the next update to make sure I have a solid outline to work from. (I know I keep warning ‘I may have to skip an update!’ and then make my deadlines anyway, but hey. Worth warning anyway.)

In addition to sketching out this update, I did some brainstorming for what the Next Fiasco will be. (The “Next Fiasco”, or NF, is my code name for any project that’s going to follow my current project.)

I’ve already decided I want it to be episodic. Continuity, certainly, but more Star Trek TNG continuity, not Star Trek DS9 continuity; I don’t want the series to be enslaved to a slowly unfolding narrative which leaves readers behind if they don’t have time to catch up on 500+ virtual pages of content. I actually had that strategy in mind when I started Unreal Estate, and you can see tinges of it in the standalone stories, but there were going to be a lot MORE of those in ratio against the uberplot episodes. This time I’d like to stick to the game plan.

But what will it be about? That requires questions. Is it another bunch of wacky teenage adventurers, in a scifi/fantasy style universe? It sells well online, but that also confines the story to the “YA flavored” ghetto — and almost all the genre-flavored ideas have been pounded to death already. So lots of middle aged adults being very serious and dramatic in the real world and having sex and being serious while having sex? Egh, no. That doesn’t appeal to me one bit, it’s not something I’d care to read or write.

I’m guessing I may end up somewhere in the middle. Feature *gasp* 20-somethings or maybe 30-somethings, have some fantasy elements, but actually take place in the real world. Maybe true urban fantasy, not simulated urban fantasy. Not sure yet. Don’t know. But I gotta make these decisions, because the end of anachronauts approaches…

For now… there is anachronauts. There is the story of Jeeves, and the aftermath of what he did. I’m curious as to your reactions. Feedback welcome, as always.




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5 01 2011


5 01 2011
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne


5 01 2011

*pays attention to news of a Next Fiasco*

5 01 2011

Adult stories !== sex. There are things that adults are concerned with that kids aren’t. For example, it’s a rare teenager that goes “the Prime Directive might be horseshit, but the introduction of commoditized alcohol and gambling didn’t help the natives very much, and introducing Afghanistan mujahideen to guerilla warfare techniques may not have been the CIA’s best move ever.” They’re all “RAR NOT FAIR GIVE THE FLATSCANS FUSION GENERATORS.” Adult fiction allows the characters to reasonably be nuanced, concerned, powerful, and knowledgeable without being transparently overpowered 11 year old Mary Sues.
40 year old ultratech detective seeking out evidence of nanotech misuse, like a plastic-sheather Poirot.
65 year old grandmother whose 4 decade involvement in an international women’s rights group has recently become considerably more sinister and suspects someone is using them for personal or political ends.
35 year old computer technician who stumbles across the “secure” logs of his nation’s leaders planning to ignore the constitution in order to maintain security against a threat both too massive to ignore and too frightening to warn the public of.
There’s loads of neato “adult” situations that a more mature character can feel more interestingly conflicted about. I mean, look at Picard from TNG; banged the occasional archeologist hottie, but had regular challenges that Wesley Crusher, or even Geordi LaForge, wouldn’t have had the nuance to be concerned about or the light touch necessary to solve the problem.
You could try edging away from the YA shtick by using a mixed crew; some younger ones, some older ones, some in between. Play with them and see what comes up?

5 01 2011
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

TNG is a good example; the cast was 95% adult but the show still had cross generational appeal and the sense of adventure and energy I like in my writing.
Honestly, I think I’m largely there already. My characters have to grapple with some nasty situations and make serious decisions that impact the world. It’s just a matter of advancing the age of the cast a bit.

5 01 2011

Fair, and I agree.
Middle age crisis Scout, bwahahaha.

6 01 2011

I wroted you a looong comment — but my modem eated it!
Mostly it was a looooong rant about how adult !== sex, in literature or in life. In fact, we don’t call people whose entire existence is focussed on More and Better Orgasms “adults”, except in a purely passage-of-time sense. A lot of other things, but not adults.
But also, I highly approve of your eucatastrophe, and wonder how you’re going to top it. (Unless Chloe goes over to the Dark Side out of sheer charity, of course!) And I wonder why Heaven doesn’t need Brokers.
And, going back one, I wonder about Buckingham Palace, which at least in this London is the most boring of the London Royal Residences. It has kewl stuff, but other than that? Stuffy. But that’s just one tourist’s opinion.

6 01 2011
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

In a way, heaven does have Brokers. They’re just called something else, and unlike Benny, they help you get what you NEED rather than what you WANT. The gifts are not always welcome, even if they’re precisely what is required.
I’m not sure if I’m going to use Buckingham yet. It does have a lovely garden for a party scene I need to set up, though, and it was the official residence of Queen Victoria (whose era founded the Age of Steam). I guess I could use Westminster Abbey instead but BP feel more appropriate.

7 01 2011

— yeilding — i before e…
— Lovelace… like Ada Lovelace? Nice. :D
— approximating — approximately
— “the Strangeness” — heheh, I like that.
— irrepairably — irreparably
— Interesting pings. Is Jeeves pinging the “are you well?” Because clearly Jeeves isn’t well… but maybe he would say that anyway.
— Indiana Gilbert? Heheheh.
— Accoustic — Acoustic. Unless that’s a deliberate vicky-esque spelling, dunno.
— More pings — ah, so the Voice is asking Jeeves if he’s well. Funny that Jeeves said he was, earlier, then.
— “aid his secret friend” — perhaps add “own”, his own secret friend, to differentiate between this and Benny mentioned just previously as a “secret friend”.
— ressurection — resurrection
— returning to alone — remove to
— produce a instructions — minus a
— YAY BENNY! Er, Be’nai!

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