lf04 reminds you that chekov owns a gun (also, hello world!)

29 12 2010

Good food, good times, good wine, and not particularly good news.

This update was originally going to be two simple scenes where B/C and J/G chat and discuss things. I managed to fit in a fairly major scene at the end which the entire London’s Fog series pivots around at the last minute. And believe it or not, I’ve still got like two more major “Whoa!” bits to come in this chapter alone.

I was also busy plotting out the “Whoa!” bits and plot points for Stars Fall, the final saga of anachronauts, coming soon to a web browser near you. Well. Soon meaning “After LF, and after one or two more SAs.” I need some room to wrap things up before everything goes to crap.

I’m interested in your reactions to this update. I’ve had this reveal planned since the very first day of Forsaken Shores. It’s hinted at repeatedly throughout that series. Pyro even drew some nice fanart which hints at it (since I told him about it long ago).

Anybody figure it out? Anyone shocked? Anyone theorizing? Let’s hear it.

EDIT: I’ve added web counters to every page of the site. Please don’t block cookies, this is the thing that’s keeping me writing. Knowing that you’re out there, and reading, even if you don’t post to the blog.

I’m not expecting everybody who reads to leave feedback. That’d be asking too much. But until now, the silent readership was a ghostly thing, a phantom. I had no idea how many people were or were not reading the stories. For all I knew, I was writing to a brick wall, and that’s a depressing thought to have.

But now… thanks to proper web technology I should’ve had in place ages ago, I can see you. Hello! Thank you. Thanks for reading. Thanks for existing, now that I have photographic evidence, like Bigfoot in the wild. Even in the four hours after I had the counter up we had fifteen different visitors to the site, and more are coming in, even in the late morning hours.

This is a tremendous relief to me. And so inspired was I that I wasn’t in fact sitting alone in this room, that I went ahead and finished lf04 and I’m going to release it a day earlier than planned. The final scenes will post some time after midnight on New Years Eve. My new years gift to you all. And if you thought THIS part of the story was an eye opener, uh. Look the hell out.




10 responses

29 12 2010

How very Blood Elf-y of them.

30 12 2010

I guessed it at the end of lf02. It made a lot of things in the last Forsaken Shores chapter click into place, and provoked a general reaction of “ooh, interesting!”
Also, I suppose I can change my position on anonymous trolling for specific situations. ^_~ Viva la… not quite revolution!

30 12 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Anonymous rarely trolls those who are truly deserving. But every now and then, they do, and it’s a beautiful thing indeed. (See also: Trolling Scientology IRL.)
Of course, anonymity can be a force for evil, too. The movie adaptation of V for Vendetta (which inspired the Guy Fawkes masks Anonymous uses in real life) had one brief moment which showed that… where distributing masks to everybody in England resulted also in people using them during robberies and muggings, feeling empowered by the anonymity. You get the good with the bad with the horrible.

30 12 2010

I don’t remember that scene, but it’s been a long time since I watched the movie. I definitely believe it.
Looking forward to the end of the chapter, although I’ll have to read it after I get back from a weekend trip. Also, I’ll have to properly enable my web browser, as I’m running Firefox with NoScript.

30 12 2010

Small typo:
Don’t hurt him, he’s just drink, I’m going to be fine, it’s okay…

31 12 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Well… maybe he IS a refreshing beverage! Ah. I’ll fix in the next posting, thanks. :)

31 12 2010

Oh. Hey. That explains quite a lot of things, and I feel silly for not guessing at it earlier. I was pretty suspicious of Jeeves throughout, but I never thought about really looking too closely at the steam itself.
Been pretty busy with finals and then the holidays, but still been reading! I just feel weird about commenting when I don’t have something nifty to say.

31 12 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Never feel you have to write an epic response just to post. Even “Enjoyed this update, thanks!” is plenty fine. :)
Now that a few days have passed, lemme list some of the hints I dropped in the past, regarding Jeeves…
* His steam vents on his back, when in full flare out, resemble an angel’s wings. That’s why the Mister knew to run for it, when he saw it.
* Obviously, he correctly identified the Mister as an infernal and managed to hurt him, despite his status as a greater demon.
* When Jeeves got blown up by Lilith, the steam itself pulled him back together, took complete control, and exorcised the Mister once the Mister’s back was to the wall and he’d been removed from his place of power. (Of course, once the Jeeves we know and love was back in his own mind, he was confused by all this.)
* Jesse used the steam that had soaked into her sword, which is being called the ‘Breath of Life’ here, to rebalance her lifespan against Gilbert’s.
* As noted, Benny hates coming in contact with the steam and Jeeves and Benny have a “I’ve got my eye on you, bub” relationship for this reason.
* Frankly, ‘steampunk’ inventions are insane and can’t really work under the laws of physics. Unless there’s a cheat somewhere. Which there is. :)

31 12 2010

“Frankly, ‘steampunk’ inventions are insane and can’t really work under the laws of physics.”
Mmhm! I remember catching Gilbert in fs03 with “Everything is numbers. Fae magic. Orbital science. Human electronics. …only the steam is not math. That’s always confused me. How can the breath of life… have… no physical basis…?” and making a note of it.
Huh. Gilbert knows too, doesn’t he? From this, it definitely seems like the only ones who don’t know are the foreigners. (Not sure about Benny.)

31 12 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Gilbert suspected on some level, and being a scientist his observations played a role. But he didn’t know the exact nature of the stuff until now. “Breath of life” doubles as a nice colloquialism when training and dozing up an honored calculator. Better than “doom vapors”.

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