Joyous Whatevers from Anachronauts

24 12 2010

Merry Christmas, happy holidays, folks!

(I seriously debated exactly what terminology to use there to offend the fewest people, but I think wishing good tidings in general is never a bad thing even if it refers to specific subsects in addition. In other words: I should repeat to myself it’s just a holiday, I should really just relax.)

The project’s been going for a little over a year and a half now, and even though we’re allegedly in the home stretch (halfway done with the next to last series) there’s still some miles to cover. I’m also going to be crosspromoting it more with my actually-successful endeavor, 7Seas, so we may see more readers around.

I’ll have another update posted around Sunday. I sat on the current one since I wasn’t seeing any feedback and figured everybody was busy with their families and holiday stuff; we should be coming down from that cloud after this weekend and back to normalcy.




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25 12 2010

Good luck! I just want to say I am still a reader but the holidays have been sort of busy for me so I haven’t had the time to site down and read like I would like to. Keep it up! You have one fangirl right here who’ll read whatever you create!

25 12 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Yeah, had a feeling a lot of folks were in that position, so I’m taking a break to recharge the batteries myself, too. We’ll have new story up tomorrow!
Thanks for being a reader, and thanks for following my projects! Happy holidays. (Oh, and what’s your icon from? Looks familiar…)

25 12 2010

Heart no Kuni no Alice. I don’t know how familiar a girly otome game/manga is to you, though. XD
Okay, tl;dr fangirling ahead.
I just wanted you to know you have loyal fans. I’ve been following you since Hex Coda (which was five years ago or so. Man, has it really been so long?). I really love your writing! It’s been inspirational to me as a writer, especially the way you develop characters and plot. I’m 19 now so I guess that means I’ve been following you since I’ve been fifteen? Sixteen? Your writing influenced my development. There’s not many writers I can say that about, honestly. Only the ones who really strike me, who fire up my imagination. Your stories did that. They struck me in a way very few writers have been able to. I guess that’s what made me a loyal fangirl, haha.
Also, There are so many Anachronauts characters on my love list it’s not even funny: Jesse, Gilbert, Emily, Scout, Suzy…<3 Scout and Gilbert are definitely fangirl-worthy. Hey, do you accept fanfiction? I think it would be awesome if you did, but I understand it you don't want other people screwing with your character and/or universe.
BTW, I know you very briefly considered visual novels (which I think you could be kickass at) but it fell through. Any chance we will ever see one in the distant future when Anachronauts is finished? I can’t help but think a (even a short, kinetic) VN set in the Anachronauts universe would be the coolest thing ever. Renpy ( is a decent engine for this sort of thing and very easy to use. You could find decent artists willing to work for free (I did) or cheap prices and tons of free recources. Then again I know you don’t like coding to get in the way of writing a story, which is understandable. I guess you’re just such a strong writer that I want to see your work in as many mediums as possible.

25 12 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

*_* Thank you! Heck of a lovely Xmas gift to read that, at risk of ego implosion. (I’m an influence on someone? Without the prefix “terrible”? Bonus!)
Nobody’s offered up fanfuc before. There are some legal tangles to an author reading fanfuc of his own work but eh, screw it, go right ahead. I got my start in writing fanfic and I sat more power to you. If you’d like me to post it on the Art page (writing is an art, Yo) email it in when done.
I’ve considered repy visual novels, but the primary problem is art. The amount of art resources needed for one without rips is crazy. Not much art exists for the series to work from. I might consider it for The Next Fiasco After This One, although I remember folks not digging the NWN games because if their software component… Alrhou visual novels are less brutal in that regard on system requirements.
Pardon typos. Replying through myviphkbe whe marathoning Harry potter flicks v

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