lf04 is legion (and I’m getting older dammit)

19 12 2010

Forgiveness is only a few million in cold hard cash away.

This is going to be a very action packed story. As noted in the feedback for the last update (yay feedback!) the team is now assembled and working as a unit. Their ongoing development continues, but they’re putting this chaos engine in gear and getting down to the work they came to do.

The chapter may end up being a little short as a result… no huge sprawling dialogues between characters figuring themselves out. But rest assured, that will be happening along the way. As well as a few surprises. And someone may die! Maybe! Possibly! Ha ha! Who knows.

I’m on vacation all week, and it’s off to a rocking start. Games, hanging out with friends and family, new niece to go “D’aww” at, all the trimmings. Next monday’s my birthday, too… which kinda sucks, since I’m turning 35.

When the hell did I get to be an adult? Not only an adult, but freaking DEEP into the adult demographic range. By 35, everybody’s already married, had a kid or two, settled in. As far as Western Civilization is concerned, it’s all over and done with by this point and the rest is just letting the ball keep rolling. But none of those things happened for me. Granted, I wasn’t actively seeking it out, so that’s a pretty direct non-cause, non-effect scenario.

I’m hardly an old man filled with regret, though. (SOME regret, but you can’t be human without some regret.) The things I did seek out I kinda kicked ass at (I’m a successful indie game publisher and I’m still writing, despite my small audience). But… 35 years. Jeez. Hopefully nobody comes along and takes away my Hip Geek Card, tells me I can’t play games and watch cartoons and party hard anymore ’cause I’m An Adult. That’d suck.

Feedback on this story update welcome. I’ll likely have more for you on the regular update date of Wednesday; I just stopped because it’s getting pretty long in the evening right now, not because I ran out of stuff to write.

EDIT: I’ve got an anachronauts scene done but I’m gonna skip the Weds update, since feedback seems to say this one hasn’t been read much. We’ll regroup after the holiday.




4 responses

20 12 2010

One of the things that no one tells you is that being a grown-up means you get to choose what parts of being a kid you want to keep.
Bubbles are high on my list. I can sit on the porch steps and blow soapbubbles for hours. I am not making this up.
So if I can be a granny and hold a Responsible Job and sit on church vestries and the like, and blow bubbles, I think you get to keep the video games.

21 12 2010

— Marseilles has an S on the end of it, although it’s silent.
— To answer your earlier question — yeah, Societe and Bonnechance are both feminine words. Just look in a French dictionary online if you want confirmation.
— hygene = hygiene
— “Everything from project directors” — since all the things you list are people, perhaps should be “Everyone”?
— Nice summary of Durand’s style. If you can call it that.
— “OR is DAMAGED” — guess you wanted “is” capitalized too? The others are.
Had to stop… More later!

25 12 2010

I was finally able to catch up Anachronauts thanks to Chrismas break! Good stuff as usual, I’m enjoying it very much.
– This thing already have been noticed but “Le Société du Bonnechance” sounds wrong to my swiss-french ears. “La Société de Bonnechance” or “La Société de la Bonnechance” sounds more correct to my helvetico-french ears.
– you could gain the approval of some medical/biological savvy people by changing “[…] convinced it to start beating again.” into “[…] convinced it to start beating at the right pace again.”, since defibrillators can’t make a heart beat again, only “reboot” it. But then, Gilbert has some aetheric steam thingy in his body, so maybe electricity has a different influence on him.
– Out of curiosity, why is it “Sister Jeanne d’Tesla” ? I would have expected a “de Tesla” (even though I doubt Nikolai being part of nobility). Or maybe I’m missing something, which is also very possible.

26 12 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Answer: Because I had three years of high school level French and forgot most of it. I’ll make changes in the next update. :) Thanks, this helps me a lot.

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