lf04 isn’t quite like taking candy from a baby

16 12 2010

You don’t pull off a crazy Oceans Eleven style caper successfully on your first try.

Thanks for waiting, folks. I had a weird depressive period there, but I think it’s passed; I’m upbeat, I’ve got energy, and I’m ready to rock. December is in swing and I have the peaceful time I wanted to reflect and enjoy my life.

This includes writing. I needed a stable and quality outline before I could start lf04… like lf03 before it, I had no ideas going in, just a general idea of what had to happen (somehow shut down the shipyards in France). That’s not gonna work, and the vagueness of it was driving me batty. I had to resolve the situation and find clarity, or I’d feel lost and unable to act. Needless to say, I have resolved the situation. We’re good to go.

The update is a bit exposition heavy, but there’s no way around that — we get dumped into a situation head on and have to catch up, as well as introduce a new character. I honestly debated omitting the new character, but she was needed for plot purposes, and to play into lf05. Hopefully I’ve balanced things well enough to work.

Feedback is most welcome. Thank you again for giving me some time to get this up to speed.




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16 12 2010

Remember, remember, the 5th of November… =)

16 12 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

…you know, I hadn’t even thought of that when I wrote it. I just needed a good wintery date. And yet it’s INCREDIBLY appropriate considering her role in the story. Thanks. :D

16 12 2010

“… and ideas are bulletproof.

16 12 2010

I am really digging the start of this so far. I feel as though by this point you’ve really got the team established as a team, and it’s fun to watch the way each of them deals, Jesse and Benny in particular.
I am totally with Benny on this one, but intrigued by what Gilbert is planning.

17 12 2010


17 12 2010

— Huh, people zapped with paddles… can they return to consciousness relatively quickly like that? And then try to get up? Also, doesn’t that mean Jesse had some kinda heart attack…?
— “weilding goggles” — should be welding
— d’Tesla — heheh.
— Benny mentions making the connection between the Gatherers and the Orbitals. What did she say that made him suddenly realize that? Or is it just from Jesse’s previous discovery of the Orbital zapper?
— “Le Société du Bonnechance” — should be “La Société de Bonnechance” throughout. (both words are feminine… so “La” and “de”)

17 12 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

It’s probably a speedy recovery, yeah, but needed for plot reasons. Witchy biology, dunno.
I’ll revise to make it clearer, but after Ibiza, everybody had a nice sit-down and told their stories of what happened that day. Jesse wouldn’t keep something like running into a pack of rogue Orbitals a secret.
Are you sure about La/Le? I’ve gotten feedback in the blog both ways, now.

17 12 2010

My name is Chantal and I’ve been reading your stuff for awhile, ever since I discovered your Slayers fanfiction yeaaarsss ago. Big fan. Thought I should introduce myself, since I just randomly added you. :)
Glad to hear you’re feeling better! Hope it stays that way. :)

17 12 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Hallo! I’m glad to have you on board. :) I hope you enjoy my original writing just as much as you enjoyed my fanfiction.
My current project is anachronauts, as you’ve no doubt sussed out from my blog posts. I’ve also completed two other original anime-flavored fiction projects you might enjoy, Unreal Estate and Sailor Nothing.

17 12 2010

So far, I’m enjoying it muchly. :D Just finished the first chapter of anachronauts. I’d read portions of Unreal Estate before, but sadly never finished it. Hoping to do that soon. Do you have any plans of releasing Unreal Estate in a book format as you have with anachronauts?

17 12 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Possibly! It’s a much longer story, so I’m not sure it would be cost effective in print format, but if the anachronauts books sell well (Forsaken Shores is coming!) then I’ll consider it.

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