a rough patch

11 12 2010

December is typically my favorite month of the year. The vold and quiet and long night hours are perfect for reflecting, relaxing, and closing out the last 365 days.

I didn’t get a chance to do that last December. Most of the month was occupied by a whirlwind of activity, capped off with getting so sick I had to be hospitalized, and moving into my new house. (The move occurred while I was lying in bed in a hospital room, so my last memory of my old apartment was of being rushed out of it at 5am to the emergency room. Whee.) So, this year I was looking forward to having a proper December.

Hasn’t really panned out. A slew of little factors have added up to make it a more depressing than pleasant month, and I’ve been more burned out than chilled out. I have a week of vacation coming where hopefully I can turn things around, but dunno how.

So, updates for anachronauts may not be forthcoming in a scheduled fashion. The next chapter’s maybe 40% plotted out and needs serious work and I’m stifled right now. Unless I have some breakthrough coupled with a burst of energy, it’s gonna be slow going. Sorry for the mess.




3 responses

11 12 2010

Ack. Don’t worry, take your time, hope you feel better!

11 12 2010

Is the apotheosis of Chloe the problem, do you think?

12 12 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Storywise… nah, Chloe’s right on track. It’s more a nuts and bolts issue holding the story back — “How do they steal a FoF beacon from the shipyard in an interesting, heist-y sort of way?”. I’m getting there, but it’s going to take more planning before it’s stable enough for me to even attempt to start this chapter, and I can’t be beholden to my update schedule AND do it right.
The RL factors are kinda messing with my ability to do that nuts and bolts thinking, though. Today wasn’t nearly as bad as when I posted that, but I still have a lot hanging over my head right now in general.
EDIT: The heist caper is now plotted. It’ll need some tuning, but I think I’ve got it — the rest of the chapter will fall into place nicely now, I think.

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