lf03 lays a bustah out, drops the mike, and is GONE

24 11 2010

Turn it up! BRING THE NOISE.

With this climactic battle, we wistfully say goodbye to lf03. I hope you’ll agree the final showdown was worth the wait. Plus, cool poster!

Depicting what is a largely auditory experience in text is not easy. Half the job is making sure you slather it enough wildly exaggerated descriptive awesomeness that it imparts the sense of excitement onto the reader. The other half is making sure each song has a functional ‘hook’, a mechanical means of explaining why the song is working so well. All four of the songs here have their own gameplay twists and turns, so to speak. Hopefully it works for y’all.

I MIGHT be skipping the Sunday update, while I gear up for the penultimate Second Age story. This one involves Scout, Susie, and a trip to Los Angeles… and I’m considering writing it in a very different style than anything you’ve seen so far, just because I can. I have no idea if it’ll work as what I’m designing it to be, but at the least it should be satisfying to read. You’ll see.

Feedback on this final update and the chapter as a whole is most welcome. It’s clocking in at 180k of text, the largest anachronauts story to date. CAN YOU DIG IT?!




4 responses

24 11 2010

Catching up on the chapter
Been a bit slower reading than I though this week. Many other things going on. Catching up now. Good stuff.
I enjoyed the new characters, Random and the middleman. Interesting dynamics between them and the main characters. The dynamics make one feel…unsettled, unsafe…off-balance. I like that. Keeps the reader on his toes. Also, of course, the conflict between the characters serves to further develop them. I enjoyed the conversation between Benny and King of Pain about who and what Benny is.
I enjoy the way the writer gets his characters into a seemingly impossible situation, and I cannot guess how they will get through it….
Chloe’s search for a church: I appreciate the commentary on the homeless and other parts of society that are typically marginalized. I have often been amazed at just how many homeless, poor and needy are living among us, but also I am given hope by the organizations and people who have been friends to the needy.
Chloe being an angel is interesting….Not much to say about that yet, except that I find that arch interesting.
Forshadowing is also fun. I think Jessie stumbled onto something strange with the thieves. Can’t wait to see where that is going!
“Two victrolas and a megaphone.” Cute.

24 11 2010

Jolly good show, my man! I very much enjoyed the battle, especially the remixing of Random’s song in the end. Curious to see what happens next, especially around Cloe.

24 11 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Re: Catching up on the chapter
Chloe’s initial “gimmick” is that her melancholy isn’t just general existential malaise, but that she CAN’T look away from the problems in Eastusa that her peers are more than willing to look away from. For all the urban progress around her, and the “safety” of the suburbs, there are those who her society has failed. The ones society chooses to make invisible, to avoid being reminded of that failure.
As an angel, she has to notice them, and she has a desire to save them even if she knows she’s incapable of really saving them all. Guardian angels don’t get the luxury of avoiding those problems. So, she works at charities, and gives of herself as much as she can.
Jim and Bob, the world’s worst shadow conspirators, will be making a return appearance later. Those with an eagle eye may spot more of the Gatherers as time goes on…

24 11 2010

Re: Catching up on the chapter
There are some in the psychology world that say depression is not an illness, but a result of clearer perception. I personally do not buy it, for a couple of reasons: One, I’ve met plenty of depressed people who have skewed perceptions, who do not think logically; and two, I believe we can and must view real world problems AND have hope. But I like Chloe’s approach, that seeing the world’s problems does result in some sadness, but also purpose. I think she is beginning to experience a stronger sense of purpose. I look forward to seeing where it goes.

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