lf03 brings the noise

21 11 2010

Disregard females. Acquire currency.

I’m tapping that meme pretty heavily in this update, but you’ve GOT to admit, it’s a flawless fit for the idea of a steampunk DJ showdown.

This story bit is a lot shorter than the others, but that’s because it flows directly into the coming Wednesday update, where we will be finishing off the chapter with the epic battle of the bands. After that, I’ll probably be moving on to the Scout/Susie story, although I might need to skip an update to finalize the outline. Without a solid outline I can’t really get started; it’d be like taking off from O’Hare in a 747 without a logged flight plan.

Thanks for the feedback in the last thread. I have to second guess why my readership dwindled; there’s no first guess possible, no quantitative proof. All I can do is write my best, promote it the best I can, and hope things work out. You can help me A LOT! by helping me spread the word. Got a friend who’s into reading scifi, fantasy, and adventure stuff? Drop them a tip about the series.

Remember, you can get a ministory written about yourself if you help spread the word! I was worried when I launched that effort that I’d be swamped with requests and would have to pull the offer, but so far, that hasn’t been the case. Plenty of room in there for more.

Turkey day is coming. I know what I’m thankful for. PROTIP: It’s you guys.




10 responses

21 11 2010

Nicely done, as always.
Benny’s a bit quick to offer… Noisier… solutions to the Random problem. I’m guessing he was more irritated by the brat than he let on.
The gentry observes Gilbert rolling. They are disapproving; the constables intensify their patrols in hopes of catching him proceeding in violation of cleanliness statutes…

21 11 2010

“Do not despise the sportsman. Instead, despise his sport.”

21 11 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

That line as well as several others are all from the Archaic Rap meme.
I was a bit antsy about lifting them directly, but I figure appropriation and remixing to create a new work is appropriate to both memes themselves as well as turntablism and hiphop.

21 11 2010

“If anything, it was a boon, being able to leave behind digital music piracy and forcing the youth to hand over their pennies for recordings. ”
Little details like this make your work so much more enjoyable. When I read this I was like “Now THAT is interesting.”
Also, I would like to note that Chloe’s character is adorable! At first, I thought she wouldn’t become much of a character, but you’ve really put some work into making her come into her own. I like her. She fills a similar role Una did back in the earlier stories.
*sighs* Oh, Gilbert. I still fangirl you.

21 11 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

A lot of the series concerns how the world would be changed in a resource-limited world, in which our culture is actually in danger of fading due to the fury of early wartime years plus electronic media having a limited lifespan. I did some research into this, via Life Without People / The World Without Us and other sources. It’s still not totally accurate, but again, we’re talking about faeries and steampunk, so reality goes partially out the window.
Chloe needed a revamp before she could really come into her own. I had the same problem with Nel; she was a ROLE more than a PERSON, at first. As time goes on we’ve seen her develop more.
Someone needs to draw some very handsome Gilbert fanart, so all the ladies in the house can swooooon.

21 11 2010

I would so draw handsome Gilbert fanart for you if I could draw. Then again, I just might draw it anyway as a thank you for the story. :D Fanart is fanart.

21 11 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

I always welcome fanart. I’ve got a whole page devoted to it on the site. There are suggestions for how the characters look but as far as I’m concerned, there’s no One True Official Representation. Whatever’s in your head is correct. Have fun!

22 11 2010

[falls over giggling]

22 11 2010

— I love Gilbert’s take on piano as a mere physical exercise. Clearly his considerations of beauty and grace and art are focused elsewhere. He’d probably get more out of seeing the inside of a piano than out of the actual music.
— “Sieze” = “Seize”
— “He relished in it” = “He relished it”
— the almighty ‘Turner of Tables’ — hee hee… this whole scene is great. :D
— Gaslamp + flint drawstring. Huh. Do gaslamps work that way?… I guess the pulling motion would have to both open the gas valve and spark it.
— “two victrolas and a megaphone” — yeah, the song is already in my head. Lawl.
— Gilbert says, “My opponent is the music”… but arguably his weapon is the music. How he wields and applies it to the crowd’s taste is how he ultimatley wins the battle. He’s not fighting against the music, he’s using it, eh?
— “Anthrax? Car bomb? Ninjas?” Oh Benny. I heart you.

7 02 2011

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