lf03 answers to a higher power

14 11 2010

Notice how I deftly dodge needing to know anything about religion.

This was a bit of a tricky scene to write, as it’s a realistic situation (someone going to a local pastor for advice and guidance) with only a minor fantasy bent to it (she’s an angel). That means it has to have as much realism as the scene calls for, and it’s not exactly a scenario I’ve ever found myself in. Hopefully I carry it off well. You be the judge.

This is the second of the four ministories and we’ve already got a longer chapter than most of the anachronauts tales. For what’s essentially a story in six simple parts (intro, character tales, music battle) it’s shaping up to be a beefy lump of fiction. Here I was worried there wouldn’t be enough here to chew on, go figure.

I’m actually a bit ahead here, since I have Jesse’s story already written. I’ll be using some of this extra time to prepare the Forsaken Shores print book. This will include all of the FS saga, a copy of sa02 bargains (Benny at MediaCon) as a prelude, and an extra bonus chapter. Like the bonus chapter in the First Age, this will fill in the gaps and provide answers to various mysteries, as well as providing a peek into the myth arc which is rolling out on TOP of the myth arc. A good value, I think. Stay tuned for details.

Coming up next: FANSERVICE.




6 responses

16 11 2010

Can a person be the reincarnation of their own ancestor? I am somewhat confused.
Chloe gets a hug. I’m sure she’d be confused by random people hugging her, but I think she’d be okay with it and probably hug back after a second.

16 11 2010

Well, this section got an ‘aww’ from me – I was hoping Benny’d go find her! The one thing that struck me as slightly peculiar was the priest saying ‘munchies’ after he’d been introduced as (primarily?) speaking Spanish. Sure, people use foreign slang all the time, but it seemed a bit jarring to me compared to the rest of his dialogue.

16 11 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

I’ll probably put quotes around it or something, so that it’s clear he’s “emphasizing” a “cool” and “hip” word. (Although after 200 years, is it still cool and hip?)

16 11 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Hooray! Comments!
Exactly what the deal is with Chloe’s lineage will be explored later. Even Benny’s not totally sure how things came about; only thing he’s sure of is she’s related to the one he thought of as his kid sister, based on his gut reactions and the patterns of her wings.

16 11 2010

About “cool” and “hip” enough to be used in airquotes by an ageing priest, I’d say.

17 11 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

I re-read and realized I’d done the exact gag I’m talking about (where he apologizes for “slang” and declares “munchies”). I think as long as I specify that it’s english slang, that he’s trying to be hip to the foreigner, that it’ll work.

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