I’ll just leave this here

2 11 2010

* Scout/Susie take-your-daughter-to-work-day
* Do the L.A. story with remnants of The Mister and the ATF? (no actual plot yet… could be a good non-epic short)
* Astro Gal’s adventures with coping with trauma (and fighting crime) [bonus chapter for an SA collection instead?]
* Chroming the Moon (has to be last SA story before Stars Fall)

* Steampunk Ibiza DJ showdown
* France shipyards (automaton hacking? bomb planting? not sure yet)
* Masquerade ball? at Buckingham Palace? leading to big finish w/ Warden and Prisoner

% Pre-warn Petersen’s team? not sure
% Take Emily out of the picture right away or later or at all?
% Nuke Orleans? NO FRIDGING it’s lame, maybe not

* Do bonus chap for FS (back/forward susie timeline, Only Inn, the Hounds)
* Do bonus chap for LF (continuation? Elliot / Jen / Bonnechance)
* no idea bonus chap for sf… assuming there is a book at all




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