sa07 is getting outsourced to india

20 10 2010

I didn’t go into specific details because, uh, well it wasn’t because I couldn’t be arsed to research Indian artwork, honest.

A lot of these “little visits” skim over details. This story’s purpose is to introduce cool what-ifs for scenarios and countries I’m probably not going to devote an entire story to… just to show that All Sorts Of Neat Stuff is going on elsewhere in the world. Gonna be important after London’s Fog for reasons you might be able to extrapolate already.

Not much else to talk about today; poking at DJ Hero 2 and frantically trying to wrangle a Second Life four day fishing festival, while waiting for next week’s ELE asteroid strike known as Rock Band 3. All of this MIGHT upset my anachronauts schedule for the next two weeks. I’ll keep you informed via Twitter/Facebook/LJ if I have to miss a day.

Feedback welcome. We had a rocking good thread with the last update. It was awesomesauce.




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20 10 2010

Dang, that was… :(
I have to wonder if they’re all actually dead, or if that’s just a projection to make sure nobody bothers them again. (See the early TNG episode “The Survivors”.) Then again, some might just be encouraged by the idea of all that hypertech just lying around if they can somehow get through the dome.

20 10 2010

I can see it being a “we have seen the rest of the world, and now we will ensure it leaves us alone” sort of thing. Either way, it’s one hell of a gutpunch.

20 10 2010

Either that or they all Ascended, or something similar. Maybe they were putting it off for awhile, waiting to see if there was anything left outside their dome worth communicating or exchanging cultures with. Then, they meet a shining alliance of outward-facing diplomats… who seem unconcerned, at best, about the sustainability and efficiency of their energy generation and storage. The best and brightest of the rest of post-Pandora Earth, and they are content to destroy the planet with unsustainable strip mining.

20 10 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

I will say there is no official canon explanation given; like Moscow, I want it to be Aye Mysterye. So I welcome folks on the blog to speculate as to what the heck happened. :D

21 10 2010

Personally, I think the author was pulling a fast one. :)
But look at it this way — whatever’s going on in Russia is still going on, China is still China, SOMETHING is happening in Japan… it’s not like everything ended disasterously everywhere.
And I might be inclined to go back to India and see if there was some tech I could “repurpose”. Apparently, they weren’t using fusion.

21 10 2010

I strongly suspect that anybody approaching their shields would be greeted with increasingly polite-yet-hostile messages, a la Magrathea.

21 10 2010

Emily’s pretty intuitive, and sometimes supernaturally so, so perhaps her contamination theory is correct. I like the idea of this being a ploy to keep us away too, though. Hmm.
I have been pondering the Hindu attitudes toward charity (as I understand them through my limited experience and Google) in the context of this story. Clearly the ambassador speaks from a hardline pragmatic attitude.
We don’t know how religious they are there anymore. Presumably not very if they so unequivocally shut out the needy remainder of the world. Perhaps they buy into the “they deserve the fate they were incarnated into” attitude…. Or this faction does. (hmmm…) but then why let them in? A need to confirm the latest state of the world’s progress?
And in sharp contrast I’ve also read that generous charity is key to Hinduism, which would mean this ultra pragmatic rejection would be basically anathema. So if there were some factionalizing along these lines, perhaps from native India vs the transplantees, that has been lingering for these teo centuries…?
But then again they know how things are outside, from immediate neighbors if nothing else. So the “why didn’t they doomsday out sooner?” question is still there.
Whaddya think, everybody?

21 10 2010

yeah, that’s a strange mystery that’s gonna liiiinger.

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