the time slot shuffle

14 10 2010

Quick Announcement: I’m migrating anachronauts the series to a Wednesday / Sunday update schedule. Doing Tuesday / Friday was just becoming too problematic for the way my life flows right now.

I’m skipping this Friday’s update due to feeling kinda whack lately, and you’ll have the next scenes on Sunday night. Thanks for your understanding.



2 responses

15 10 2010

See, you’re telling people!
And y’know, if you wanted to make Sunday the Big Writing day, and Wednesday the Little Intriguing Tidbit day (or vice versa), that would work too.

16 10 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

I think trying to balance out what goes up on what day would be harder than just releasing whatever writing I’ve done when the day comes.
The key is that my weekly schedule is like this…
Monday: Work from home, go to bed SUPER early.
Tuesday: Wake up SUPER early, hell commute, work my ass off, hell commute back, try not to pass out, go to bed late.
Wednesday: Work from home, go to bed late.
Thursday: Work from home, go to bed late.
Friday: Work from home, go to bed megalate.
Saturday: Gaming all afternoon, go to bed megalate.
Sunday: Lazy sunday randomness, go to bed late.
So, Tuesday is the suck day. Sure, I’m up and about for awhile, but it’s not exactly my most sane or healthy day. Wednesday I’m back on track which makes it better for writing, and Sunday I’ve got no major obligations which makes it better for writing.
I’ve got one transitional scene done, and then I’ll be onto Australia for Sunday’s update.

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