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12 10 2010

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This was a rough update to get out. I had it done… but the second of the encounters, set in Brazil, was just too… well. Nasty. I need to save that for later, when things really go downhill, to make it the “cap” on a series of disasters. It’s not the sort of thing you open up with. Given the location, longtime fans will probably know why it’s not gonna be a happy fun scenario.

I’m debating moving the Tuesday updates to Wednesday. Tuesdays are commute days, and having the energy to do any writing after one of those goddamn bastard hell commutes on the forsaken highways of the D.C. area is, well, unlikely. But if I move to Weds, I’d have to move the second update to Saturday or Sunday. Likely Sunday. We’ll see, I suppose.

If you’ve been following Twitter, I’ve been playin’ me some Minecraft. It’s not grabbing me by the balls like it is my entire friends list, though. The “survival” aspect is just annoying… frantically mine for resources by day, run screaming to your hovel by night, repeat. I turned that off after a little while and THEN it got fun, as I could build and mine whenever I wanted. I crafted a nice two-story beachfront house, and at night, the view over the pixellated water is very peaceful.

But… finding anything INTERESTING while mining is proving difficult. Maybe I’m just unlucky, but no matter how deep I dig, all I hit is MAYBE a couple blocks of iron ore or a run of coal. No vast chambers, no treasures, nothing visually interesting. How far do I dig before I should give up and go find somewhere else to dig? ’tis not clear.

Still, it’ll help fill the gaps until October 26th. Which is Rock Band 3. Which I have been waiting for and itching for and greatly desiring oh god please gimmie hurry up get it aaagh. Expect me to miss an anachronauts update or two that week.




11 responses

13 10 2010

The Welcome Wagon is starting to seem like the Voyages of the Starship Enterprise, except without the eucatastrophic ending. Unless we are to count, “They all got back alive,” as an unexpected and joyous surprise.
In particular, Emperor Sheng is… Roddenberryesque?
(Yes, that’s supposed to be a compliment.)

13 10 2010

Okay, about the only response I can form other than “wow, Body Snatchers ’78 flashback” is “… what the hell.

13 10 2010

Dig deep, and dig greedily.
It’ll be great! Trust me.

13 10 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Which is what I was going for. (In Moscow, I mean.) I wanted one weird and terrifying situation they’re never going to have an explanation for. Not every mystery on earth can be unraveled.

13 10 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Worked great for the Mines of Moria!

13 10 2010

Ha. I like how Benny goes from “Broker” to “Smuggler” in Agent Morales’ notes after the China debacle.

13 10 2010

Oooh, Moscow was interesting, but based on your comment above we’ll never figure out what that was. Shame, but I understand your reasoning.
As for Minecraft – torches are amazing. Just put several out in the most common areas you’re in and you never have to worry about running into enemies. I just dug straight down at first and didn’t find any caves or anything (though I did find a few blocks of diamond). It was only when I dug sideways from some of the flattened areas I had dug that I was able to discover some caves and places to explore. Still no monster spawner found, but I’ll get to one eventually.

13 10 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

I found a monster spawner cage and two treasure chests with random stuff in them, once. Once. Otherwise mostly I found coal or iron, with the OCCASIONAL bit of gold and redstone.
I restarted my game today (winter map, oooh) with this game goal: “Leave a marker at the spawn point, then go pacifist mode and just MINE MINE MINE until you have some redstone dust.” That way, I could make a compass, mine my way back to the spawn point, and from that point on I’d ALWAYS be able to come back to my building project no matter how far I wander.

16 10 2010

Is it worth mentioning that traditionally, imprisoning diplomats to extort concessions from their principals is considered an act of war? In Emily’s place I would inform Benny that his sale of Winter steel now has official backing from the Queen of Faerie, because of Sheng’s gross insult to the envoys of three peaceful nations … provided that he tells his customer that in so many words.

16 10 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Sheng is not the sharpest imperial knife in the drawer. None of the contenders claiming to represent the true throne of mainland China are.
In his view, America declared war already when their associate Benny brokered American weapons to his enemies. So, he had no qualms with locking up its representatives. He’s not joining the dots or giving them an inch of trust, though, that Benny was acting independently.
As for Emily… they have enough problems right now without committing manpower to a war with PART of China, given their only means of getting there is an antique wooden flying ship or a shiny metal shuttlecraft.

17 10 2010

I can see why he won’t buy it that Benny is indy. After all, they have the vehicles — and how else could he have come all the way to China, much less shipped THEIR faerie steel here? (I doubt Benny makes a big show of his teleporting…)

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