time is an illusion. lunchtime doubly so

28 09 2010

Before proceeding, lf02 updated on Tuesday, so go read and leave feedback there. We’ll wait.

Okay, then. kamalloy was asking about the anachronauts timeline. It’s a tangled, nasty looking thing, but near as I can tell, here it is. Hidden behind and LJ-cut for minor spoilarz.

1. a01-a08, the first age.


2. sa02 bargains, where we get the Key of Iron back.

3. Forsaken Shores starts; the party heads out west with the Key of Iron.

4. sa03 hunters, Emily and Scout go have a heart to heart with the Winterhounds.

6. sa04 students at the same time as sa05 brains. Scout’s busy in Mexico at the time the students are being studenty and perily.

7. Forsaken Shores ends; the party returns home, Emily learns the Blessed News.

8. fs06 beginnings. Book only bonus chapter to Forsaken Shores, yet to be written. Happens a few months after Shores ends, and a few centuries.


9. All of London’s Fog. Arguably it can be concurrent with the next Second Age stories in that there’s no crossover, though.

10. sa06 wallflowers, since the posts start going live in and around the start of London’s Fog. The peace conference happens around the middle of the posting spree, although the posts describe events all over the timeline.

11. The remainder of Second Age stories yet to come. I’m thinking the Los Angeles story won’t have Chloe in it, and as a result, they fubar things up considerably without her help. Hilarity and death ensues. The Welcome Wagon rolls out.


12. Stars Fall

???? YEARS LATER (YEAR ????)

76. lf99 adventures, the bonus story for London’s Fog.


2851. a00 origins, the bonus story for First Age. Seriously. If you haven’t read it, go buy the book, or donate ten bucks to find out how this is possible!

Hope this doesn’t completely fail to clear things up. I might add it to the website at some point.




2 responses

29 09 2010

Thank you for the layout! For what it’s worth, I’d managed to place almost everything correctly from context, although I missed the concurrency of sa04 and 05. It’s always good to have official confirmation, though.
This leads to my followup question: will Second Age have its own book, or will you divide the stories between the Forsaken Shores and London’s Fog volumes? Or am I getting way too ahead of things here? ^^;

29 09 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

I’m not sure I’m doing an SA book. It might make more sense to stick to doing four books, one for each of the major arcs, with the standalones being web only. I didn’t sell too many copies of First Age, and sequels always rake in less, so I don’t know if there’d be enough of a demand to merit a collection of standalones.
Odds are that sa02 (introducing benny and chloe) will be included as a bonus story in Forsaken Shores, though, since it’s of paramount importance to both that arc and London’s Fog.

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