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27 09 2010

It’s Tuesday according to GMT. I’m gonna call it Tuesday and post a bit early. Enjoy.

I’ve got a busy day ahead of me, so I figured I’d drop the second to last lf02 update on y’all. In this one… well, the action doesn’t QUITE explode off the page just yet, that’s coming when everything boils over in Friday’s update. But the tension, she’s a-mountin’, yessir. Crowning Moments of Awesome ahead, I hope.

The next story I tackle, I think, is going to be a Second Age tale. I need to wrap up my series of one-shots before lf02 ends, because once we’re into Stars Fall, that’s the complete and total end of the series. I’ve got a lot to accomplish before then… finish my one-shots, finish London’s Fog, get books released for Forsaken Shores and London’s Fog… it’s the most complicated and unfortunately least read thing I’ve ever written. But I will see it through, guldurnit.

So, I offer you a choice of various things, because I could go either way on it. Which interests you more?

#1 A story taking place in the reclamation of Los Angeles, where FBI agents and media hounds have to deal with the nastiness left behind by The Mister.

#2 The first of the Welcome Wagon stories, where we learn about what Una and Nel are up to, and we visit a Post-Pandora Japan which is terrorized by terrible kaiju.

#3 Something else (specify in comments).

I’ve also got the Chroming the Moon story, but that one has to be the final Second Age tale, for plot flow reasons.

Finally, as I’ve noted in prior LJ posts and on Twitter, I watched all 39 available episodes of K-On! in a single weekend. An animu overdose is always kinda mindblowing. I loved it, of course, although I can’t completely put my finger on why. It’s overburdened with predictable moe-moe, focuses far more on tedious slice of life instead of “hay we’re a band!”… and yet, it’s comfy and pleasant, and goes down smooth. I suppose it’s entirely possible to enjoy something that’s designed just to be enjoyed and maybe get slightly wistful over, without any serious or deep meaning or realistic conflict whatsoever. Why not? Fun is fun.

(Although, PROTIP: Do not read the followup darkfic dojins someone made exploring what happens after the series when reality kicks in. Seriously. Don’t. Not even in idle curiosity.)

So. lf02 continues, sa is up next, feedback and suggestions welcome, thanks for reading, enjoy your early update. lf02 will conclude on Friday.



10 responses

28 09 2010

So this is completely off-topic, but…
I had to compliment you for Sailor Nothing. It was extremely gripping and…
I want to say it was awesome, but I use that word all the time, and I want it to convey more than that.
I know it’s eight years old now or something, but it was one of the most genuinely entertaining things I’ve read in a while. I very nearly was unable to finish writing a paper I had due today. I discovered it while I was taking a break last night, and I just completely forgot about the paper altogether. I managed to stop when I suddenly realized it was 4 AM, but when I woke up, I just had to finish the chapter I was on before I could finish my essay. And then I couldn’t wait to get home to read the last two chapters.
Literally could not wait. I had Chapter ten already open, and I took out my laptop on the bus. I had to put it away in the middle of the chapter so I could walk home, but I stopped at the best possible moment:
I nightmared and dreamed in a nightmare and tossed and turned and was sweating a lot in my sleep. And then I woke up Wednesday morning, and I promptly got out of bed, did a few stretches, and picked a school uniform to put on. I walked to school, still a bit tired but otherwise fine, and attended classes normally.
Noticing the small difference just made me feel so happy, and the walk home just wasn’t as bad somehow.
And I adored your style, how you kept changing the way you wrote in each chapter. I gotta tell you, Chapter eight was a total mindfuck (but you know that, because you wrote it that way). I also enjoyed the little ways you broke up sections in the story (I greatly enjoyed chapter 6. “A BRIGHT AND SHINY NEW DAY!!!! :D:D:D …In the Yami-gaia.“)
Anyway, I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it. I don’t normally do the tip-jar things, since I don’t have that much money, but you mentioned how much someone would pay for it in a bookstore. Now, if I had mildly enjoyed the story, I probably would have deemed it a “library book.” That is, I enjoyed it, but I don’t mind taking it back on the due date. I may check it out again sometime, but…meh. But I enjoyed this much more than that. If I had checked it out from the library, I would have turned it in on the due-date, and then gone out and bought a copy.
So I did.
By the way, the fact that Magical Princess Sailor Rose Wand’s name changed a couple of times…was that on purpose, or just an accident?

28 09 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Re: So this is completely off-topic, but…
O hai. :D I’m glad you enjoyed Sailor Nothing! It was a pretty wild experiment for me at the time, switching up styles in every chapter. Good to hear it worked for you. Err. Sorry about the school paper.
I’m going to send you the bonus chapter for anachronauts by email… it’s my gift to those who donate. I suggest tackling that next time you wanna read something!
Also, I have a series I did between Sailor Nothing and anachronauts called Unreal Estate that’s apparently kinda awesome. Ignore the “draft” flags on the last chapters, I’m just lazy, they’re fine.

28 09 2010

I’m casting my vote for #2, as given the option I’d love to know what Una and Nel have been up to. Not that it’s been that long since we last saw them, but I’ve grown to like them quite a bit, particularly given I was very meh on the pairing initially.
Also, is there a timeline somewhere that shows where the Second Age stories take place relative to Forsaken Shores and London’s Fog?

29 09 2010

After some thought, I’m going with #1. If only because it gives us a bit more political info, and maybe more Chloe.

29 09 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

I used to have one, but in an effort to keep the story list from stacking too high vertically, I killed it off.
I think I’ll devote a blog post to this. One moment.

29 09 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

I’m in favor of doing both stories, for exactly that reason; it’d be an Eastusa focused story showing the transition of the world. But Chloe’s off being all anachronauty, so she wouldn’t be involved.

29 09 2010

Yeah, I’d like to see both, just my preference for which one first is the opposite of Lira’s.
Re: the new lf02 scenes – creepy. Especially the bit regarding Chloe’s arm. But interesting, because we get a little more about What Exactly Is Going On With Jeeves.

30 09 2010

Re: So this is completely off-topic, but…
Heh, I remember having almost the same reaction back when I ran into Sailor Nothing. Gosh, that was… eight, nine years ago? Wow. I remember going back and reading through all of the Slayers fanfics on Twoflower’s site–Reflect, Chaos, Rebirth, Demiurge, AND Virtual–all over the course of I think a week. It was good stuff (I’d seriously suggest not starting until winter break though; you definitely will miss a paper over it!)

30 09 2010

It’s hard to decide, though I think I’d vote for #2. Welcome Wagon’s been waiting in the wings for some time, and it’ll be fun to see how that group’s getting on.
As for the low reader turnout, I think part of the problem is when you switched genres to work on Neverwinter Nights and Second Life stuff. At least in my case neither MMO game was usable, being a Linux user, so I sort of drifted away after UE. I only came back by accident, really. A happy accident, to be sure, but I haven’t heard about a new project of yours being advertised anywhere.
Have you considered an ad on Project Wonderful, or one of those other banner ad services? That’s how I found out about a few of my webcomics, as well as the Mirrorfall series, which is worth a read.

30 09 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

We need some visuals (apparently of a cute girl, if it’s like other PW ads) before I can take out an ad. But I would be keen on doing that at some point.

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