Step 1: Promote anachronauts. Step 3: Get swag.

14 09 2010

Before proceeding, go read the draft complete of second age 06 – wallflowers, and then leave some feedback. Go ahead. We’ll wait.

Now, then! Time to announce our new promotional fiasco.

For a limited time (defined as “Until I realize what a horrible mistake this was”) folks who spread the word and promote anachronauts in blogs, twitter, facebook, or just telling folks in meatspace can snag:

  • Some swank desktop wallpaper
  • A chance to blatantly plug your own fiasco
  • AND a one-paragraph ministory about their alter ego in the world anachronauts!

Here’s full details on the promotional offer. So, go out there and talk up the series, and drop me an email according to the instructions on the page, and watch me whimper in agony as I’m forced to think up little stories on the fly to satisfy your egos! And thanks for being a fan. Srsly.

(If I get a dozen plus of these things, that’s gonna have to be the Friday update, I suspect. But I swear I won’t pull that trick twice.)




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