lf02 would gladly pay you tuesday for a pop tart today (also: facebook)

10 09 2010

Please, sir, I want s’more.

Welcome to the first regularly scheduled anachronauts update. It’s my hope that by delegating updates to two specific days, it’ll improve readership — you’ll know when each week to come back, when you can expect to find stuff. Might be early evening, might be past midnight, though… it’s going to vary. But twice a week, that’s the game plan.

Today I’ve got another scene for London’s Fog 02 for you. Tuesday, I’ll have either more lf02, or possibly finishing up sa06, which has been lingering while I iron out some plot problems. They are all de-wrinkled and ready to go now.

Also note the shiny new “Start Here!” button for new readers on the anachronauts home page. It’s designed to provide a good soft into to the series for someone who isn’t quite sure what’s going on and what they’re in for. It’s part of my overall nefarious scheme to draw in new readers and make ’em stick.

Phase II of ye grand relaunch will be promotional efforts… getting some art, getting some advertising, having a fan club with bennies for people who help spread the word. More on that to come. For now, enjoy the story, and remember: your feedback is most welcome.

EDIT: Thanks to benabik, we’ve got a anachronauts facebook page! I’ll be keeping it in tune with the site updates and feel free to post anachronauts related stuff to the wall.

For instance, did you buy a copy of the First Age in paperback? Let’s see a photo of you with the book! (And a current newspaper for proof of life. Have the money in nonsequential bills at the drop point by noon or London’s Fog gets it, yah see? Yah.)




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11 09 2010

FYI: The anachronauts page has a space for blog but it’s empty. Thought that might be intentional, but I thought this entry would have been there.

11 09 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

You need to enable Javascript. Also, if your browser has trouble connecting to LiveJournal it won’t bring over the entries. Try refreshing the page — the blog is definitely there.

11 09 2010

Huh. I see it now. My ‘net connection has been a little flakey, maybe the connection to LJ timed out the first time around or something.

11 09 2010

Now that I’ve read it:
Woo, a happy and uplifting section. Joy. ;-)
More seriously, it’s interesting to get a view into the new girl’s head. Seems a bit unprepared for what she’s going to have to deal with.

11 09 2010

Spammity spam…. Spammity spam.
I don’t mean to be filling up the comments all by myself, but I had another idea. I don’t know if you’re on the Faceyspaces, but you could create a Page for Anachronauts there which could post a link to the new update every time you post. This can either be done manually or just be set to post your LJ updates. My preference would be just a “look, new scene (link)”.
If you’re not on Facebook or just don’t want to maintain it, I could create the page and try to remember to update it. Suggestion for icon be useful.

11 09 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

I’m on Teh Facebook. I just haven’t gotten around to setting up a fan page yet. (Not sure how, either. How do bands and companies and the like set one up? Do I have to establish a new account?)

11 09 2010

It’s not easy to find, but the URL is:
Give it a name, category, etc etc. People can like it, you can post to it’s wall, etc etc. Doesn’t require a new account.

13 09 2010

I believe this is the first time I have ever used the “like” button on Facebook.
I’ll just be over here recuperating from all that effort.

13 09 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Pretty soon, you’ll get hooked on liking things. You’ll be liking MILFs and I Hate Mondays!!!1 and TEAM EDWARD FTW OMG.

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