lf02 says drink up, me mateys, yo ho

6 09 2010

Run! It’s the Luftgoggle air pirates!

O hai. New writing. It’s been a month — as you can tell from my Twitter echoes, I’ve been alternatively playing new games or sick as a dog. Honestly, I’ve mostly been putting off writing, like I got some fear of it. Always happens when I’m away too long. Well, I ironed out the last plot wrinkles, rolled up my sleeves, and got to work.

Managed to crank out 23k, which is about 1/4th as long as lf01, so I’d say a good haul. Feedback is most welcome; we’re introducing new characters and conflicts and so on, and it’ll be interesting to see how it plays out.


  • 01:27:44: Terrific. COH crashes every time it loads Talos. Verify files says A-OK. Maybe my hard disk is on its way out? CHKDSK time…
  • 09:44:12: Hard drive’s A-OK. City of Heroes ain’t. Apparently Talos on Virtue is black holed. Labor day, nobody’ll come by to boot it. Ahwell.
  • 11:04:23: My new goal with COH down is to put the gaem fun aside and GET SOME WRITING DONE. Those Keys of Fog ain’t gonna find themselves.
  • 13:02:43: Unskippable does a patently ludicrous JRPG intro. Really piles on the cliches, gets shredded as a result, GLORIOUS. http://bit.ly/cq8TiD
  • 13:05:57: In other news, in Georgia it’s now possible to land on the sex offender registry for life by wearing baggy pants. http://bit.ly/diJTm8
  • 13:50:51: I’m hooked on Teabonics! Guys, if you want to be taken seriously and have real discussion… learn how to spell, okay? http://bit.ly/9fGvlj
  • 15:07:01: Intro scene done. Focus wandering back to games. Well, if I don’t get anything else written, at least THAT will go up tonight.
  • 15:36:00: Tried watching Burn After Reading. Dull, boring, slow. And the disc was too scratched to play after 30m so, hey. Moving on.
  • 22:25:01: Avast! Thar be new writin’s for anachronauts up on yonder blog. Thanks for waiting, hope you like it! http://bit.ly/cM3F8P



4 responses

7 09 2010

Glibert use of math rather than maths bothers me. He is British after all.

7 09 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

I shall change. I have the blanket excuse for any ill-fitting cultural bits by saying it’s been 200 years, but I do like to keep the language appropriate.
(I was pondering your basic AVAST YE SCAAARVY DAWGS accent on Penny but as I started writing her it just didn’t work. She’ll be more straightforward.)

7 09 2010

Hmmm… speech quirks for pirates that don’t sound like Pirate Parody, or Robin Hood parody… I must think on this a bit.

8 09 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

When we meet the chief engineer of the group, he can talk piratey. It’d suit his character to keep ye olde traditions alive.

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