From Twitter 09-04-2010

5 09 2010
  • 10:42:02: I’m cured! \o/ Had a full and uninterrupted night’s sleep, no fever, and no problems keeping down my chow from yesterday. Weekend, begin!
  • 11:12:10: Interesting addendum: I’ve gone four days without caffeine with no ill effects! Guess I’m not an addict. … … .. . AAAHGIMMIESODANOWAAAA
  • 15:36:27: I usually eyeroll at sappy tweets/FB posts, but: Cherish each day you have good health, even the boring ones. They beat the alternative.
  • 16:21:35: #cityofheroes news: Next issue makes Fitness (aka “Stamina”) inherent. JOY! Finally some room to move in tight character builds.
  • 17:31:41: Whoa! I get the Funimation channel now? Hail FiOS! School Rumble marathon time! I forget what the last ep I saw was…
  • 17:35:11: The School Rumble love interest chart is about as tangled as the Primer timeline.
  • 17:57:36: Normally I hate Eternally Unresolved Anime Romantic Comedy, but… I dunno, this one’s just too wacky and insane to be frustrated with.
  • 21:35:07: If keyboard is coming to Rock Band 3, does that mean inevitable Tori Amos songs for DLC? I hope so.
  • 23:02:13: INTERNATIONAL BACON DAY. Cook up a slab of Canadian pure! But don’t douse it in chocolate. That’d be excessive.

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6 09 2010

Got a link on the CoH thing? More importantly, are we talking just Stmaina or the whole Fitness shebang. Also, will they remain slottable in their new baseline state? I kinda like 3 slotting Health with the procs from Miracle, Numina’s, and Regenerative Tissue and I kinda doubt that the new inherent fitness will have *that* baked in.

7 09 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

According to Castle, whole Fitness tree. All of it available at level 2 and slottable as you please. Same baselines. What this does is free up some power picks, although you’ll still want to drop some slots on Stamina and Health along the way.

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