From Twitter 09-03-2010

4 09 2010
  • 10:05:22: Theorum: Stomach Empty = Feelin’ Fine. Anything At All in Stomach = Inevitable Explusion From Body. *sigh* Lousy way to start the weekend.
  • 10:06:04: Y’know, I used to never get sick. MAYBE once a year, and shake it off fast. Introducing a toddler to the mix added an infection vector.
  • 10:44:47: So Guitar Hero gets House of the Rising Sun, one of the greatest organ songs of all time, but Rock Band doesn’t? I hope it DLC’s after RB3.
  • 11:41:59: It’s PAX weekend! At least I can nurture my gamer soul with nooz between bouts of gastric horror. Stomach, stay stable until the RB3 panel!
  • 12:12:21: Looks like it’s a lock for Duke Nukem Forever to resurrect at PAX. Gearbox basically grabbed the ball from those slackers and ran with it.
  • 12:55:27: RT @jengagne: Buglet seems to be Pestilence, one of the Four Toddlers of the Apocalypse. My Dad has been sick too. Stefan’s still a disa …
  • 16:36:30: So far, so good. No nausea or horror today and feeling decent. Soon… I shall dare to attempt SOLID FOOD. Insanity? Perhaps! Geronimo.
  • 20:00:04: After a day of sticking to the Breads and Cereals Group, I appear to be horror free. We’ll see if that pans out overnight. I wanna WEEKEND.

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4 09 2010

Very glad you were feeling well enough to come play hero with us today.

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