From Twitter 09-01-2010

2 09 2010
  • 06:07:38: Fever of 99.6, keep waking up to hit the bathroom. Now I’m wondering if it’s poor diet and sleep are symptoms rather than causes.
  • 07:32:15: Officially praying-to-porcelain-god sick. Naturally, clock radio keeps playing sickly surreal Pink Floyd tracks. Thanks, clock radio. Jerk.
  • 11:35:22: ur babby mad me sik RT: @jengagne: Typhoid Buglet strikes again! Now my brothers throwing up. Must be the same thing I had, from her school
  • 11:36:14: Awake now after and up and down night. I finally feel rested, if a bit dried out. VERY light lunch and taking it easy here on out.
  • 13:18:50: Ooooeeeaooofggghhhhplplp.
  • 15:08:56: This horribly-sick thing wouldn’t be so bad if not for the fevery brain that can’t focus or really do anything except slouch around.
  • 16:42:02: Meds and rest are helping, but really not looking forward to trying to sleep tonight. System’s still unhappy and expressing that pointedly.
  • 16:48:12: Yes! Finally! A Netflix streaming app for iPhone, and just in time. I can rest up in bed with MythBusters.
  • 21:44:55: Watching MST3K’s “Final Justice” w/Joe Don Baker. Kind of a one-note MST, though. What’re the best ones on Netflix streaming?
  • 21:55:07: Also consoling my horrific digestive system with FreddieW’s amazing self-made YouTube action and effects epics.
  • 22:51:56: RT: @Matt_LRR: Who has two thumbs and an X360 that just E74’d…? @stealingzen: 1/8th of the customer base? :P
  • 23:09:43: Heading to bed soon. Praying I don’t have another night of wakeups, OCD brain loops, and horrific bathroom episodes. I. HATE. Sick.

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