From Twitter 08-31-2010

1 09 2010
  • 06:21:19: Another sleepless night. Crap. Why has this been happening so often lately? My brain just won’t shut up and shut down. Wasn’t even acid.
  • 08:42:57: 3x cars in morning commute, crickets out in force outside my bedroom window, emails about “targets of success”. Wake me when Tues is over.
  • 12:07:21: My neurons are not firing at a normal rate today. Assuming that’s what neurons do. I am not a neurologist. And too ugh to bother with google
  • 12:48:05: 10% of <24yos think it’s okay to text while boinking. Soon we will devolve to meaty fingerless hand blobs, but highly articulate thumbs.
  • 15:16:13: A huge hurricane’s about to smack into Rhode Island. How the heck did it get that far northeast without bonking the coast or slowing down?
  • 17:31:46: Ooeeragrh. Home now. Fed. Medicated. Hoping not to crash. Brain hurts like a big brainy hurty thing.
  • 18:51:13: Puzzle Agent = Professor Layton + Fargo + Twin Peaks = AWESOME. I was gonna wait for the iPhone version but I think it works best on PC.
  • 21:06:50: Sat down with Jen and worked out the last plot wrinkle for anachronauts lf02. I have a 4-day weekend coming up; I WILL get some done.

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1 09 2010

15:16:13 Nemesis plot.

1 09 2010

It may bonk Cape Hatteras yet! While I do not wish them ill, I kind of hope it does because Cape Cod’s eroding before everyone’s VERY EYES and this might leave it a mere stub of its former self.

1 09 2010

As bad as it is to get hit by a hurricane, at least it’s not where I live getting hit again. Share the wealth! Let someone else feel what it’s like, maybe they’ll be more sympathetic :P

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