From Twitter 08-28-2010

29 08 2010
  • 01:21:55: First solo/online Rock Band session in, like, months. Not too bad, either; ran into a full band with Gorillaz tacks. Rare. Waiting for RB3..
  • 01:25:24: …you’ve GOT to be kidding me. Telltale’s doing a crossover game with Sam & Max, Team Fortress 2, Penny Arcade, adn Strong Bad?!
  • 01:30:21: Wait. They’re holding playing cards. And Telltale has done card games before. …well, hey, that can be fun too, but wish it was an advgame.
  • 12:55:44: Doing City of Heroes task forces with my DFB “guild” is like tossing field mice into a wheat thresher.We’re far too competent for this game.
  • 14:11:06: I’m regularly hitting the damage cap on my Defender here. This is crazy go nuts awesome. I live for my Saturday MMORPG teamups.

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30 08 2010

DFB: Yeah, We’re Pretty Awesome.

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