From Twitter 08-24-2010

25 08 2010
  • 13:47:24: RT @radiomaru: Dudes. Scott Pilgrim The Game soundtrack by @ANAMANAGUCHI is on iTunes and Amazon today! Go get it!!!
  • 15:03:04: Great filmmaker, such a shame. RT @AkiYanagi Satoshi Kon, director of Perfect Blue,Paprika,& many others has died. 47. Please rest in peace.
  • 15:37:44: Talking to someone recently who still massively pirates PC games. Is this 1996? Are we still broke highschoolers? Should I vote Clinton?
  • 15:50:31: Man, I am getting old. That should read 1994. Grad HS in ’94, grad college in ’98, then on to the Adult World with Adult Wages to buy games.
  • 17:09:50: Home from commute. Step 1: Ibuprofen. Step 2: Couch. Step 3: Dinner. Step 4: Game. Step 5: Sleep. GO. (oww)
  • 20:58:25: Okay. Was not expecting Step 3b: Take a Nap. But my body refused to proceed to Step 4: Game until I crashed out for awhile. Ugh.
  • 20:59:43: I have this song stuck in my head. I don’t WANT to, I’m iffy on bands eschewing bass guitar, but it IS catchy…
  • 23:03:22: Mmm Mmm good!

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25 08 2010

So sad when someone goes so young. At least it wasn’t drugs or suicide this time, though cancer is a horrible way to go :/
I’ll have to go rewatch Millennium Actress, Paprika, and Tokyo Godfathers again in homage. Love those movies.

25 08 2010

Indeed…granted, I’ve been wanting to re-watch Perfect Blue someday *anyway*…

26 08 2010

Some of us are still broke high schoolers

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