From Twitter 08-23-2010

24 08 2010
  • 12:44:52: Apologies to folks wondering where the heck I’ve been, on a writing front. The new City of Heroes release has me kid-inna-candy-store happy.
  • 12:45:51: We’re entering into the October Corridor of Hell in terms of new game releases. Budgeting in writing time will be tricky.I’ll do what I can!
  • 22:04:58: Ah, the weekly struggle to get my damn iPod synced properly without it crashing in the middle of the process. Which app does it hate now?
  • 22:11:00: Huh, that was painless. Unplug and replug twice and now it’s synced. Now, to get some sleep for the hellcommute tomorrow.
  • 22:37:34: LoopyChew! (I have no idea how to get in touch with you so…) I’ve got a new router / new ISP. Let’s Rock Band sometime. It’ll work now!

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