From Twitter 08-20-2010

21 08 2010
  • 12:12:22: Goals for this weekend: Praetorians in COH, starting anachronauts lf02. Goal for this afternoon: PEPSI+METAL FUELED WORK BINGE.
  • 14:16:30: HMX lampshades their own tomfoolery and confirms the leaked setlist. Okay, that’s classy & funny at the same time.
  • 19:39:09: Rock Band 3’s difficulty doesn’t look all that watery. I’m seeing a LOT of tier 6 difficulty, even without METALZ.
  • 20:54:16: Finally tried that Angry Birds game. It’s… a 2D clone of Boom Bloxx with a terrible camera. Yeah. No. Pass.
  • 23:00:41: Coding up a new developer middleware tool that will, if all goes according to plan, make 7Seas even more powerfully addictvely and awesome.

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