lf02: the teasening

16 08 2010

Just finished the outline for lf02. I’ve been dreading writing this one, because a few aspects of it needed serious thinking to make sure they worked properly, and I’ve had very little brainpower lately.

Because I’m blatantly trying to drum up your interest in my writing and interact with my fans more and maybe whip you into a frothing desire to read so that my readership goes up and nobody wanders off bored, here are some teaser lines from the outline, which make little sense out of context.

  • “Err. Penny? This is Jesse. My wife.” “Oh, hallo.” Resumes snuggling.
  • Benny offers up some toaster pastries.
  • “She seems like a weak link. If she did it, or knows who did it, she’ll break easily…”
  • “Jesse isn’t really an I’m Okay You’re Okay sort of lady, afraid.”
  • “Again with the halloween getup? And did you add MORE eyeliner or something?”
  • Must be cold; she can see the steam in her breath.
  • “Now then, I think my friend would like to have a word with you.”
  • “She’s alive!” “How do you know?” Massive explosion. “Because that’s what happens when you insult my wife.”
  • Oh. Oh crap, Benny thought. THAT’S why the Mister was so terrified of this thing…
  • Chloe closes her eyes, and remembers.
  • He suppressed the connection for now, and prayed that his saboteur’s actions would be enough to stop the madness.

Oh, and yesterday’s tweets:

  • 00:34:13: Watching John Capenter’s “Prince of Darkness.” I miss $1 crappy VHS horror rentals from the shop near my dorm room in college. Good times.
  • 00:48:07: Seeing most of the cast of “Big Trouble in Little China” as academics in this movie is…weird. Also: PORNSTACHES! Truly a horror visionary.
  • 00:56:47: Blah blah college students blinking make with the evil Satan goop tube already wait was that Alice Cooper as a crazy street person? Spiffy!
  • 01:08:33: Lessons Learned From John Carpenter: If you get bored and leave church, albino Alice Cooper will stab you with half a bicycle. Fo’ reals.
  • 01:51:13: Bored now. Movie devolved into basic alien monster attack stuff. Ahwell; at least we’ve still got “In the Mouth of Madness.”
  • 14:36:30: Amusing TF2 cosplay idea: Dress as a Heavy or a Sniper, have a toddler dressed like a Spy in a backpack baby carrier.
  • 15:09:14: Think I’ll try some writing today. Maybe the Forsaken Shores bonus chapter, so I can get the book out. Although lf02 is appealing too…
  • 18:04:48: Disappointing to see Scott Pilgrim didn’t pull in much scratch. Yet another excuse Hollywood seeks to trivialize our culture in the future.
  • 19:29:51: Ugh. I can’t work up the drive to write. Laaazy and tired today; much easier to couch surf or play TF2. (At least I got 2 hat drops.)
  • 22:15:40: Mmmmmm. Delish. (Also: Followes, go listen to http://bit.ly/aGKLQs ) RT: @KeikoTakamura: OH FUDGE! http://yfrog.com/nbctzoj



6 responses

16 08 2010

Benny. Toaster Pastries. Love Triangle. Oh hell yes. Consider myself a reader of yours forever.

16 08 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

His was a love for pastry that could not be denied.

17 08 2010

“It is the boy. He has eaten the pastry. He will never come back to us now.”
Nice teasers, 2f! I wish I could think of more ways to get you readers…

17 08 2010

Penny makes me think of Penny Gabriev from Slayers Demiurge. Was that deliberate?

17 08 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Sadly, no; it’s a pun off her full name. (Which I posted in an earlier blog comment reply; see if you can find it, kids! You get a cookie!)

17 08 2010

Ahh, found it. I approve of the pun, and look forward to meeting her in chapter 2.

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