From Twitter 08-12-2010

13 08 2010
  • 10:11:33: DOOMSTORM blasted through here while I was asleep. Apparently it’s like Mad Max out there on the roads. Oh, Maryland. So wacky and horrible.
  • 10:23:41: Okay! I’ll just open my window to take in the sun and OH GOD EVERYTHING’S PURE CHAOS AND CARS ARE PARKED AT WEIRD ANGLES IT’S THE END TIMES
  • 16:49:38: Got Puzzle Quest 2. WOW this is hard compared to PQ1; every enemy has castle siege levels of damage resistance. What the hell, man?
  • 16:54:57: Time to prep my Surgery Survival Kit; fun stuff I can do on the couch. TiVo, 30 Rock S4 over the LAN, Kindle, iPhone, DQ9 NDS… all set.
  • 19:30:09: Running afoul of fanboys on the Rock Band forums today. Look, I love RB too,but it’s not like HMX can do no wrong in UI and gameplay design.
  • 21:23:18: Alright, now I’m getting the hang of PQ2. I just wish it had less “clear board of X” spells… those hurt you way more than they help you.
  • 21:55:26: …okay what the hell Bioshock: Infinite holy CRAP that looks good. Steampunky airship cities! Old Americana! …it’ll never run on my PC.
  • 22:53:45: Just got inspirationed upside the head. I know exactly what to do for the Forsaken Shores print bonus chapter. And yes, it chains from a00.
  • 23:01:59: Weirdly, everything is lightning fast with FiOS… except YouTube. I thought Google and Verizon were BFFs? What up with that?

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