From Twitter 08-11-2010

12 08 2010
  • 09:48:48: Man, I really gotta step up my self promotional game. @KeikoTakamura is doing great with her new album; I need moar marketing for my story.
  • 14:00:41: Couchsurfing and waiting fir the techies to show up. Crossing my fingers for a smooth regime change; the TiVo and router placement may mung.
  • 14:59:03: Dad is shaving my door.
  • 16:19:20: FiOS boogie! (get down) FiOS boogie! (shake it around) The regime change has been implemented! I am now online and stable. No more whine!
  • 19:15:56: All done! Internet, TiVo, consoles, everything up and running stable on the FiOS. Now! AT LAST! I SHALL… go… read a web page, maybe?
  • 23:39:04: Seems like the only #RBN tracks people have are either Novelty Intarweb, Ridiculous Hard Metalz, or Coulton. I like 2/3rds of that, though.

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