From Twitter 08-10-2010

11 08 2010
  • 10:11:43: Note to self: Check this out later. An item shop focused RPG, localized by some passionate gamers.
  • 11:27:18: Oooh, um. Ouch. Charts for this week’s Ministry RB DLC look… well. I love the songs, but I guess they don’t translate into a game well.
  • 13:36:15: More notes to myself: A plethora of incredibly badass iPhone apps. Mobile streaming video looks tasty indeed.
  • 14:09:42: Doing my part for the trendinating: Scott Pilgirm, Scott Pilgrim. My foot surgery’s Friday, so I can’t go this weekend, dangit. Next week!
  • 14:11:02: I knew @radiomaru back when he was running Impromanga. He even drew my LJ/Twitter user icon. It’s GREAT to see him hit the silscreen! Grats.
  • 14:39:47: Hooray! Going Rogue NDA is lifted. My Review: Iffy morality, fun new powers, great stories, L1-20 goes by too fast, but still worth it.
  • 14:49:26: I could swear that that line from The Bangles “Hazy Shade of Winter” is “Carry a duck in your hand.”
  • 17:11:34: Video helped the Internet star.

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11 08 2010

I forget, have you ever tried to get into the Atelier games?

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