From Twitter 08-09-2010

10 08 2010
  • 13:49:42: After due consideration, I think these examples depict superior communications systems compared to Comcrap.
  • 14:31:25: Actually, I take it back — THIS is a more stable and reliable Internet than Comcrap. (Thanks, @jrenken)
  • 14:39:07: It’s here! Go pick up @ktatsb / @KeikoTakamura and the Shebangs debut EP. Only five lousy dollars for non-lousy music!
  • 17:56:22: I have GOT to play A Mind Forever Voyaging. I’m finally old enough to appreciate it now. I had no grasp on the idea of literature at age 8.
  • 20:35:40: Had to haul my telecommuting rig down to my patents house for the next two days because… well, should be obvious by now, yes?
  • 22:39:05: Trying to fit in as much of my daily web news scraping as I can in the time window in which I’ve got Intarwebs. Any new COH/RB/TF2 nooz?
  • 23:11:19: If more video game bad guys recognized tropes like this, maybe they’d win a few times. From #lrr loadingreadyrun.

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3 responses

10 08 2010

23:11 I kept thinking of Lord Recluse and his henchies…

11 08 2010

TF2 news?
There really hasn’t been much lately, and what there is is on the official site, so you would have seen it already.
Still, I gotta say this is pretty memorable:

12 08 2010

Re: TF2 news?
Spoke too soon, there’s one bit of really big news:

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