From Twitter 08-07-2010

8 08 2010
  • 01:06:35: Dangit, I can never keep my glasses clean enough. I hate the foggy greasy stuff, makes it hard to focus on what’s in front of me.
  • 11:45:36: What’s the name of the trope where you shove your main cast aside in favor of focusing on the hawt new characters? (Soul Society, Org XIII)
  • 12:11:46: Hey, kids! Who has two thumbs and a constantly wobbly internet connection?
    d -_-; b Yo. Wednesday’s FiOS appt can’t get here soon enough…
  • 12:59:57: RT @_GWT_: @Twoflower Spotlight Stealing Squad, I believe.
  • 14:08:53: Funny idea hit me outta nowhere today. Something I can do with Benny and Chloe that’s new, rather than the tired Tsundere Romance Angle.
  • 14:30:48: My 4th level 50 character in City of Heroes dinged today! Jeez, only four in six+ years of playing this game…

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8 08 2010

Isaac Hayes: Who’s that government man who’s got two thumbs and a constantly wobbly internet connection?
Backup Singers: Twoof!
Isaac Hayes: Oh yeah, that Twoof is one bad motherf–
Backup Singers: Shut yo’ mouth!
Isaac Hayes: Just talkin’ ’bout Twoof!

8 08 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

We can dig it.

9 08 2010

There is a trope called Loads and Loads of Characters, where you have so many characters that you often have to push some main characters aside in order to show newer characters. It happens a lot in comics like Xmen, where you can have potentially hundreds of characters in a given story line, and you can only show so many.
I’m not sure this applies with your current sitch, but it’s the only thing I could come up with.

9 08 2010

Cloudy glasses?
I found a trick for dealing with that when I was a kid. After you’ve wiped off your glasses, remove the stuff still smeared on there by sticking a strip of scotch tape on the lens and peeling it off.
Make sure it’s the cloudy kind of tape, since the clear, shiny kind has glue that comes off.
Also, be sure it’s a clean strip of tape, or it’ll make things worse.

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