From Twitter 08-06-2010

7 08 2010
  • 00:40:02: Got a second wind; maybe I’ll have a scene or two up after all. Gives me a good chance to explore Benny’s character further.
  • 00:54:53: I hope you guys can tolerate 2+ pages of narrative inner thought ranting from characters. Feels like the only way to convey their place.
  • 01:19:12: Okay, here you go; one and a half new anachronauts scenes, enjoy and leave comments. I’m goin’ to bed.
  • 11:35:26: Got a huge burst of work done yesterday. It’s a stress reliever to know you have nothing looming / pending / Damoclesing. (Is that a verb?)
  • 13:18:21: Back online and PRESUMABLY stable. Apparently some wiring in the wall wasn’t groovy; dunno who did that wiring, Comc or the electrician.
  • 13:58:00: Um. Wow.
  • 16:40:59: And now, the question: Puzzle Quest 2 for iPhone (portable but bad UI/playability) or for PC (tethered to my desk but superb playability)?
  • 18:43:20: I think I’ll stick with PQ2 for PC. As pointed out in replies, the iPhone ones are buggy ports. …and it’s also not even announced yet, so.
  • 20:12:15: Talking to Cleverbot is like trying to have a conversation with someone split across 87 parallel fractal realities at the same time.

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7 08 2010

Random Comment
Was re-reading sa04, and noticed:
“I bet someone hexed the water fountain,” Gwen suggested. “Maybe some evil Faerie who hates Queen Emily. Or it could’ve been another student. There’s always some evil kid in magic school, that’s how it works. I still say we should’ve had a talking hat that sorts us into an Evil House and a Good House…”
Shouldn’t that be Slyph saying that? I think the speaking order might have gotten switched.

8 08 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Re: Random Comment
Thanks for the catch. I’ve rewritten it slightly to mesh the lines together.

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