From Twitter 08-04-2010

5 08 2010
  • 01:30:33: Alright. Plot figured out. That’s a load off my mind, seriously, like you wouldn’t believe. Now, belated sleep, then duty calls.
  • 09:51:08: The hippocratic oath is apparently optional in Indiana. Sadly,these days I’m no longer surprised by coldhearted idiocy.
  • 10:44:23: Ooooooh.
  • 17:36:40: I don’t feel like writing a new tweet about Comcast going down,so go read one of the other 37 outage tweets I’ve done over the last 2 weeks.
  • 20:10:00: Right on cue, here’s another doomstorm knocking out the power. Today cannot get worse.
  • 21:54:02: Internet dead every day from 1pm-7pm, I have to drive into work tomorrow, and now hackers in SL messing with my game. Kill me. Kill me.

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5 08 2010

Now, now. That’s not my Evil Plan at all. My Evil Plan is to spirit you to Boston and have you ghostwrite novels for me.
(Wouldn’t My Evil Plan be a great name for a band?)
So far, FiOS is serving us well — but then, I never used ComCast for the Internets. The transition process was silky smooth, though.

5 08 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Look up “My Evil Plan To Save The World” sometime. Very fun and energetic ska/punk song.

6 08 2010

“Today cannot get worse.”
You should know better than to tempt the fates like that. You brought the hacker on yourself, clearly. :P
On a serious note, that really sucks. Have they replaced the modem yet? When our internet was doing the randomly dropping at all hours thing, that was the problem, but we’ve got Time Warner. I have not heard good things about comcast from most of the people I know with it, and one of them is an employee whose job it is to monitor the service area for outages.

6 08 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

We whined on Twitter and apparently that’s what it took to get them to move our tech visit up a few days. They’ll very likely be replacing the modem and rejiggering the signal strength a bit. Whatever it takes to keep it stable until Wednesday. I’ve got telecommutin’ to do, here.

6 08 2010

And the shitty thing is, unless you pay for business class internet, it’s in most residential contracts somewhere that you shouldn’t be using their service for business. I would fail to mention that if it comes up for any reason.

7 08 2010

Ouch at the hospital thing. Probably least bad method to deal with that would be to quietly ask the patient which pronoun they prefer to be refered to with. Probably still awkward, but better than the alternatives.

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