From Twitter 08-03-2010

4 08 2010
  • 10:25:51: Apparently Chrome rules, Firefox drools. FF is kinda slow on my PC, but I like the Adblock, Twitter and Meebo exts…
  • 15:00:56: Burning up my prearranged evening commute playlist; I needed good tunes to endure work. Pixies, Nirvana, and Rush to get me through a pile.
  • 15:06:44: Note to Self: The Scott Pilgrim video game is only a PS3 exclusive for 2 weeks. I think I can wait, so I can play it w/my 360 arcade stick.
  • 17:59:32: So much hatred for technology the last few days. Better times are on the horizon, I hope. We’re taking steps. Measures. PLANS.
  • 20:24:22: Your abstract lolcat of the day, courtesy of @meagenimage. Stop. Look. And think about it.
  • 21:19:21: RT @doxxxicle: @Twoflower That’s a very evil looking cat. He must be planning world domination. With watermelons.
  • 21:22:32: The awesome @KeikoTakamura, MTV star and indie rocker, has an album coming out this weekend. Obtainable from here:
  • 22:00:56: Gather yon fighting game nerds and enjoy LoadingReadyRun.
  • 23:02:16: Alright, enough futzing about. I gotta resolve the rest of lf01’s plot so I can get to lf02 and write a fun new character. #anachronauts
  • 23:12:13: Okay, the Graf Zeppelin could do 80mph max. The Clockwork Mermaid’s a pleasure craft, so maybe 60mph. 4512mi trip, taking 3.13 days… good.

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4 08 2010

Firefox is getting pretty bloaty and every new major release does things I dislike, but note that that article is written entirely from a Linux-specific perspective and also appears to have a massive Google boner.
Chrome has a lot of nice features, but for everything I like there’s something that infuriates me. Quite aside from questions of whether Google “accidentally” left some “experimental” code that is totally “not evil” somehow “turned on,” no matter how many cute Hulu commercials they make I won’t be switching to Chrome until a) it stops making me hate every aspect of its presentation and b) stops pushing Google’s “wooOooOo cloud computing!” agenda through every design decision.
So probably never, because Google’s banking pretty heavily on that cloud thing.

4 08 2010

I dislike the idea of having google looking over my shoulder while I’m browsing. Yes, I know you can turn it off. Supposedly you can set your privacy settings in facebook too. I don’t need to be paranoid about more than one company resetting those everytime I update. One’s enough.

4 08 2010

Sometimes it seems to me that EVERY software company thinks it knows what’s best for you, and that’s for you to let them become your “everything solution” – change ALL of your media files to play through their app, etc. Why would you want or need anyone else?

4 08 2010

It’s about three days from the Earth to the Moon, too (by Apollo). Just throwing that in there.

4 08 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

That’ll be important in sa08, I think.

4 08 2010

Oh, you tease. o_o

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