From Twitter 08-02-2010

3 08 2010
  • 14:08:21: Internet down. Again. I give up. Either it’s solved today or we switch to FiOS. No more being at Comcrap’s whimsy. Awaiting phonecall…
  • 15:04:40: Sick of spending my annual leave hours because the cable modem doesn’t feel like letting me work that day.I don’t WANT to play hooky dammit.
  • 17:57:32: Back online after unplugging / replugging / unscrewing / rescrewing everything multiple times. Comcrap’s gonna give us a replacement modem.
  • 21:47:06: There were EIGHT movies in the Hellraiser series? Um, why? One was great, two was great, everything after that was just lame.
  • 22:22:07: Oregon Trail… the MOVIE. So real, so dramatic, it’s like the dysentery is coming right at you!
  • 22:28:48: Anachronauts is SLIGHTLY paused as I work out plot complications and try to think of ideas that engage me. It’s coming. If slowly.
  • 22:59:52: SYNC, you stupid iPhone! SYNC! Argh. Why does it keep aborting?

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3 08 2010

Yeah, they went a bit excessive with the Hellraiser movies. The first two were really good, and most of the remaining ones were both bad and largely pointless. There were a couple where they tried to put a different spin on it (Hellworld being the most obvious example) but those while not as pointless failed to cease being bad. =)
The core problem I think was telling more or less the same story with different characters over and over (Hey, let’s do it in SPACE this time!), and both not adding anything really new while declining in production/acting qualities. At least the assorted Nightmares on Elm Street kept some creativity in their kills if nothing else.
If you really want to cry about overly drawn out horror movie series, look at Friday the 13th. Twelve of them.

3 08 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Nightmare got bad near the end, but hilariously bad, at least. I saw a great making-of documentary about the whole series, where they admit that they pretty much had no script whatsoever for Nightmare 4 and 5 and were flying by the seat of their pants due to an aggressive production schedule.
The only Hellraiser sequel past 2 that I liked was Inferno, the one which was actually more of a psychological horror. It had very little Cinobite action but introduced the “o hai ur already ded lol” twist.

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