From Twitter 08-01-2010

2 08 2010
  • 01:19:49: Most of the AMV winners are quality, but the one that edited Haruhi/LS dances to a song? Technically impressive, yes, but… dull. #Otakon
  • 01:34:53: I think I need to contract an artist to do official character art for anachronauts. I really want to visually connect readers, like with UE.
  • 02:08:43: One last thing before I crash: in an effort to do more actual blogposts, I wrote up my Deep Thoughts about #Otakon.
  • 12:57:55: Watching Casino. Good movie; very kinetic and flows well. Also not TOO far from the history that inspired it, quite fascinating.
  • 20:13:13: Had a fun evening playing Apples to Apples. Reminded of a good story with that game: for “Heartwarming,” someone playing “Inside the Sun.”
  • 21:00:58: Shachihoko interviewed me at Otakon. Although I’m pretty sure being a sub-Z-list celeb invalidates any media hype.

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2 08 2010

You’re looking rather svelte these days.
Also, your publicity is about to enter a new phase, for I plan to lend my copy of anachronauts to another dead tree devotee.

3 08 2010

Incidentally, I just popped over to YouTube and checked my video list. The interview currently has 43 viewings.
You “bet” that it wouldn’t exceed how many … ?

3 08 2010

Nice. :D

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