From Twitter 07-30-2010

31 07 2010
  • 00:34:00: Oh, hell. I wrote in that Benny can pull people with him when he teleports? I’ll need to spin that to prevent it being an easy escape…
  • 00:36:01: Also: Putting a chapter thick with Mythos cthonic nonsense words through a spellchecker is an exercise in masochism.
  • 00:42:05: And… done! fs03/fs04/fs05 are now final. I may do a reading sweep for word choice and continuity later. Closer to book-ready!
  • 01:15:12: 8.6 million points on The Prodigy – Invaders Must Die, Insane Difficulty, in Beat Hazard. BEAT THAT.
  • 01:45:49: Good gravy, an actual blog post of thoughts and feelings and stuff instead of just a tweet digest? Say it ain’t so!
  • 18:50:18: Tomorrow’s gonna be interesting. First shot at a single-day Otakon run. Cramming everything in, waking up early to drive to Baltimore.. hrm.
  • 19:39:52: Massively unmotivated today. Probably because I’m conserving for Otakon tomorrow. Just poking at Team Fortress 2 over and over. Whee 2fort.
  • 22:15:25: Why am I on a depressive bender today? I’m going to Otakon tomorrow. That’s fun city. Weird. Eh, sleep heals all maladies.

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31 07 2010

Nice. Best I’ve managed is 3.5 mil on Prodigy – Mindfields at Hard. Can’t play at full intensity visuals though, which is likely pulling me down.

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