From Twitter 07-27-2010

28 07 2010
  • 14:39:00: I just figured out the identity of the saboteur, and also the rest of the plot for lf01. Love when an idea for an ongoing problem hits.
  • 15:16:52: Have decided on a one-day Saturday run at Otakon. If anybody wants their books signed, best is 3:30-6 AMV contest. Meet me after or before.
  • 15:17:41: Doing a single day at Otakon is gonna be weird. But, AMV+Dealers+Art+Games is all I want for these days. I’m not very weeaboo anymore.
  • 18:25:44: RT @nerdyshow: @OKGo vs. the Muppets, staring contest
  • 18:46:52: Hooray. Cable modem just started wobbling on and offline every minute. I know the storm on Sunday really mauled us, but ugh. Comcrashes.
  • 18:57:34: All MORPG, boiled down to its absolute core.

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