From Twitter 07-26-2010

27 07 2010
  • 07:52:29: Power and internet are back up! Downside: Means I gotta “go” to work. Upside: Branches in the road and powerlines down, but I telecommute!
  • 08:27:58: Hope they can clear up the mess on the roads. Maryland drivers are psychopaths on a GOOD day; on a bad day they’re crazed berzerkers.
  • 13:10:25: Throttling back the DMCA some, for legitimate use of your legitimately obtained goods. Nice. Of course, more needed.
  • 15:10:54: Can’t tell if my speakers are crackling because I’m copying 6 gigs of files between two drives, or if lightning damaged them yesterday.
  • 17:46:45: Too brain dead to get much done today. Also pondering if it’s too postapocalyptic to attempt the roads or not. Don’t wanna wuss out, but.
  • 17:48:21: Meanwhile, waffles.
  • 18:06:13: …and Pepco’s handy color coded map shows that there ain’t an inch of my route that’s not deep in the red. Yeah. Wussing out in 3… 2…

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