From Twitter 07-25-2010

26 07 2010
  • 00:35:25: I’ve got way too many chapters of anachronauts in draft status. I gotta go back and review LJ comments and edit. Laazy…
  • 02:13:52: Up too late writing again… but, end result is two new scenes for anachronauts. And a poll regarding the next book.
  • 12:31:23: Overslept. I think I’ve been overdoing it this weekend in general. Gonna Lazy Sunday today, take it easy. chill. Maybe work my ME2 renegade.
  • 14:55:01: Oh, joy. 70mph winds and thunderstorms headed my way within a half hour. Well, um… on the upside, yay meteorology tech advances?
  • 15:14:53: Holy crap thunderstorm. Power’s gone, zero visibility through the rain. Daaaark. Aieeeeee.
  • 15:16:22: omgdoom. Also: strange lady on bicycle outside window. Expecting to land on to of wicked witch shortly.
  • 15:32:09: Doom levels falling. Just some rain and moar blackout to cope with.
  • 16:44:08: Blackout continues. Pepco recorded message says it’ll be back by 10pm… tomorrow. I really hope they’re padding the margin of error
  • 19:16:34: Gave up and packed an overnight bag for going to my parents house. They’ve got power, if no Internet. Looking bleak for telecommuting…
  • 19:29:02: 2/3rds of the county without power. Very lucky our folks have it. With any luck we’ll be back up today soon but Internet is unlikely.
  • 20:55:17: Pepco saying multiple days to get power back up for everyone. This does not bode well. Overnight at parent’s house, I suspect.
  • 22:17:47: Power is back at the house! Headed home. No Internet but at least I can sleep in my own bed.

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4 responses

26 07 2010

Yeesh! Glad you got power back. That’s reasonably efficient work.

26 07 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Internets came back this morning. I’m amazed, I was really expecting things to be dead longer than they were. Multiple hats off to Pepco. Still, there’s a lot of mess out there that I’m hoping is cleared up by tomorrow when I gotta drive into work…

26 07 2010

They might’ve just been making use of the Scotty trick. Y’know, say it’ll take three hours, do it in one, be hailed as a miracle worker.

27 07 2010

Yabbut these same folks are still on the radio saying they expect Thursday or Friday… we’re lucky we were one of the groups who got the one-hour treatment.

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