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23 07 2010

Oh, and we also lay out the whole plot of the season, too.

The hardest scene to write was the next one, because of Susie. Oddly enough, I dreaded writing the character because I was afraid I’d get it wrong. We’ll see how things pan out.

In addition to feedback on this part of the story… here’s a fun game you can play right here in this very blog!

QUICK! You’re a major Hollywood casting agent, and the script for the big budget Anachronauts movie just crossed your desk. They want you to name your top pick for an actor/actress for each character in the series. Who do you pick to play who? Who stands out in your mind as someone that represents a character which so far has only had representation by words on a page? GO!





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23 07 2010

Evan Rachel Wood as Emily, Freida Pinto as Una, Emile Hirsch as Scout.

23 07 2010

I… have no idea at all. I’m rubbish at this game, frankly, always have been.
I love the new section, though, and it was great to meet Susie. I’m eagerly anticipating the rest of this season now more than ever, and I’m looking forward to meeting our new team.

23 07 2010

I suck at these casting games because I know so few actors. D: Maybe Kirstin Bell for Una? She’s always struck me as having the same cutsie charm that Una has. Ellen Page for Emily, probably. She’s cute without being unrealistically beautiful and is good at playing smart, down-to-earth girls. Scout…no idea. Someone hot and emo? I want gratuitous fan service in the hypothetical Anachronauts movie, kthnx. For Gilbert I would have to choose Simon Baker. Can Baker act? No idea! But he really fits my mental image of what Gilbert looks like.
I love how UP TO 11 the wedding is. Makes sense, though. If you have the magical capabilities, hey, why not?

23 07 2010

As to the toddler thing, I recommend you look into those “new mother” websites that give rough estimates of how a baby develops.

23 07 2010

Yeah, I gave him a bunch of links and videos of kids that age. There’s a lot of variation for kids in their mid-twos, of course!

23 07 2010

Emma Watson as Emily
Michael Angarano as Scout
Ellen Page as Una
Felicia Day as Nel
If the cast were older than teenagers, though;
Carrie Fischer as Emily
Kurt Russel as Scout
Angelina Jolie as Una
Sandra Bullock as Nel

23 07 2010

Story proofing and other comments as I go:
— “brothed couple”: betrothed maybe?
— “appropriate adjective”: It’s more of a metaphor really… though as you said, less metaphoric by the minute heh heh heh…
— “bend itself satisfy”: stick a “to” in thar
— Wow, I’m impressed that Jesses is maintaining composure and hasn’t whipped out her wrong-side saber to machete her way through foliage. But it might muss her dress or fancyfied saber, and make the day worse… Not to mention the temptation to bisect Susan of course.
— Smart move, Nel!
— I like seeing Emily do more Summer-type things. (it’s nice to see her allowing herself to develop a few of these skills… or is it ominous? OR BOTH ZOMG which Jesse nicely notes later.)
— “far gone enough to dip into the well that far”: How about “dip that far into the well”? Less awk.
— DAAWWWW you gave Susie my middle name! *^_^*!!!!
— “known poise”: pose
— Yeah, it’s tricky writing language for this age. Of course it’s a bit vague how close we are to 3 vs. 2, so it can still work. I wonder if the “I could” grammar might be a little high-sounding for her first line? Maybe “said I can” or just “said I make”
— War council! Oh no, nothing ominous there at all! Myeheh.
— “The only sign… pollen”: Well, that and a few yellow flowers eh. :)
— “whom were”: who
— Emily’s at the table, everybody important’s at the table… where is Scout? He didn’t show up during any of the Susie cleanup… hasn’t shown up yet at all in this chapter. I miss heeeem ;_;
— “Present Petersen”: ooh, was he gift wrapped? :D (Present)
— Ah, there’s a mention of Scout now.
— “math invovled”: involved
— “faith on you”: in
— Capitalize american… and… bread in wine? o_o Do people do that?
— With Emily as leader agreeing to this, hopefully the Fae won’t get TOO nervous about Eastusa suddenly arming itself to the teeth. Then again, England is attacking our continent, not just Eastusa (though they’d hit Eastusa first.) So arguably the Fae should be arming too? … oh, that might all be a bit precarious…

23 07 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Dang, I got sloppy this time.
Scout was there at the table when they were discussing things with the generals. He was the one who warned them not to underestimate the enemy. But this is primarily my chance to show Gilbert dealing with something that DOES rattle him, for a change, so.

23 07 2010

Oh, and casting? Hmmm… assume all these people are magically dialed to the correct ages…
Emily: Jodie Foster. She can pull off plainish, stern, etc.
Scout: Rufus Sewell. Dark hair, brooding, buff.
Susie: Younger version of this 3-year-old: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EBM854BTGL0
Una: Cameron Diaz. Think OMGPERKY mode from Charlie’s Angels.
Nel: Summer Glau. Fey vulnerable mode.
Jesse: Cate Blanchett. Yeah, too easy…
Gilbert: Alan Tudyk! (Paul Bettany?)
Jeeves: Bender! … Crabworthington of course.
Summer’s Voice: Susan Sarandon. I dunno, still torn here. She needs warm-yet-dangerous. Angela Bassett?
Winter’s Voice: Glenn Close

23 07 2010

Oh, you gave me a better idea for casting;
Emily: Summer Glau
Una: Summer Glau
Nel: Summer Glau
Lady Summer: Summer Glau
Lady Winter: WintSummer Glau
Scout: Summer Glau.

23 07 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

what is this i don’t even

23 07 2010

Let’s analyze…
Emily: Summer Glau. Sure, she can be all business, I can buy that.
Una: Summer Glau. Let’s see… Perky scenes in Firefly… sure.
Nel: Summer Glau. Well YEAH.
Lady Summer: Summer Glau. This role was MADE for Summer!
Lady Winter: Summer Glau. Um well they’re sisters…
Scout: Summer Glau. Oh totally. She can be badass and emo-hawt.
Yep, story checks out.

23 07 2010

I vote for CGing everyone and picking the worst possible voices for them. Perhaps Mel Gibson and Tom Hanks for all males, and Fran Drescher for all females.
Oh, and it has to be in 3D!

23 07 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

You die. Now.

23 07 2010

Regarding your “God bless you nerds” link above, here are more pics from the same event, some different signs: http://www.comicsalliance.com/2010/07/22/super-heroes-vs-the-westboro-baptist-church/?sms_ss=facebook

23 07 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

“DARKSIDE IS”. Utter win, right there.
As amusing as the spectacle is, it seems like there were only two actual WBC jackasses in attendance. The counterprotest outnumbered them twenty to one. Overkill, but hey, my kind of overkill.

23 07 2010

Looks like five:

But regardless, I don’t mind a heavyhanded Sarcasto-Smackdown.

4 05 2011

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